Sitar Classes in South Africa have been gaining some popularity over the last few years and even world-renowned Sitar players are now gracing the South African soil. 


Benefits of learning to play Sitar Classes


Playing sitar has a number of benefits not only on your career but also your health and mind. Some of the most compelling reasons why you should take Sitar Classes in South Africa are:

  • Provides physical health benefits


Playing sitar focuses all your energy into one activity, thus increasing concentration and reducing stress levels. Sitar classes also provide quite fine hearing skills.

  • Provides mental health benefits

Playing sitar improves your mental and cognitive development. It has proven to improve the mental performance and memory of an individual. It also improves your coordination abilities and motor skills.

  • Improves your posture

One of the major benefits of learning how to play a sitar is that it requires you to maintain a posture throughout your lesson. This encourages you to sit straight for hours and attain a proper body alignment.

  • Sharpens your skillset


Playing Sitar is very beneficial if you want to sharpen and enhance your time management and organization skills. Besides, other transferable skills such as concentration, mental capacity, self-discipline, confidence are also greatly enhanced.  


  • Provides various emotional benefits

Playing sitar encourages your creativity and gives you a safe space to express yourself. Moreover, these classes provide a safe outlet for mental health issues such as insomnia, depression, and anxiety, and hence are also used for therapeutic purposes. 


What is the cost of Sitar classes in South Africa?


The average cost of Sitar classes in South Africa is approximately R212/ hour. 


What is the average duration of Sitar Classes in South Africa?


The average duration of Sitar Classes in South Africa varies from a few weeks to a few months and can extend even up to a year depending on the level of expertise you want to achieve (beginners, intermediate, advanced).


What is the Best Music school with Sitar classes in South Africa?


There are not many institutions that offer Sitar classes in South Africa. The only one that provides sitar classes is Lenasia Music School, Lenasia 


What will I learn by taking Sitar Classes in South Africa?


Sitar is a string musical instrument that is mostly used to play Indian Hindustani classical music.

While taking Sitar Classes in South Africa you will have to focus on the following parts:


  • Tuning raga notes in your sitar
  • Sitting in the correct posture
  • Learning how to play in right and left-hand techniques
  • Learning techniques such as Mizraab, Meenu, Kan, Krintan, Murki, etc
  • Taking this course has physical and mental health benefits on an individual in addition to the improved skill set and better sitting posture.


What jobs can I get as a Sitar player in South Africa?


There are a number of jobs that you can get after taking Sitar Classes in South Africa. Some of these are mentioned below:


  • Concert tour manager
  • Music creator and writer
  • Music Teacher
  • Music Critic
  • Recording Engineer
  • Music Therapist
  • Concert booking agent
  • Music online/offline Performer

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