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Why you should learn Perfumery course in The United Kingdom?


If you are passionate about taking up perfumery as your career but hesitate due to the limited learning resources then worry no more! Here is a list of all the competent perfumery courses in the United Kingdom that will teach you everything you need to know. 


Learning professional perfumery will teach you how to work with the complex are required in perfume making. Getting a professional certificate as a perfumer will boost up your career as you will be able to touch on every little detail that is needed to be learned and practised in perfumery. 


Name of Course

Average Course Duration

Average Course Price

Beginner Perfumery Course

1 day 


Intermediate Perfumery Course

1 day 


Advanced Perfumery Course

3 day 




What are the most famous Perfumery Institutes in The United Kingdom?


The 5 best perfumery institutes located in the United Kingdom are: 


1. Newham College - Stratford Campus 

2. Bloom Perfumery 

3. Les Senteaurs 

4. Experimental Perfume Club 

5. International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. 


What jobs I can get after taking Perfumery classes in the United Kingdom?


If you have managed to successfully complete a course in perfumery in the United Kingdom then congratulations as you have become eligible to apply for the following jobs! 


  • Fragrance Consultant 
  • Fragrance Advisor 
  • Freelance perfumer 
  • Aromachemist  
  • DIY scented items maker such as scented candles etc. 


What is the average price range of Perfumery course in The United Kingdom?


The average price range of a perfumery course in the United Kingdom is around £250 to £1,000. The price, however, depends on various important factors such as the location of the perfumery you are attending in the United Kingdom, the professionalism of the tutors and so on. 


What is the average duration of Perfumery course in the United Kingdom?


The average time duration of a good perfumery course in the United Kingdom is minimum (1) day and maximum (3) days depending on whether you are taking the beginner or advanced perfumery course. 


What will I learn by taking Perfumery course in the United Kingdom? 


Once you have successfully completed your perfumery course you will learn a lot about the perfume industry. 


  • You will learn about the chemistry of essential oils 
  • You will become a professional with perfume blending 
  • Your sense of smell will be developed completely 
  • You will be able to work with a mix of aromas 
  • You will learn how to interact plant extracts in your perfume formula

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