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Course Fees : £3 to £435

Planning to learn Ballet in the UK?


Here is a table of Ballet classes in the UK along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

The London Boys Ballet School


Dancing Through Summer

11 am to 15:45

Saturday - £60.00

Brighton Ballet School


Children Dance Class

1 month

Children: £27


Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance


FD/BA (Hons) Ballet and Contemporary Dance

1 year


Arabesque School of Dance

Sutton Coldfield

Ballet Dance Class (All ages)

30 - 40+ minutes

Per 30 minute class: £6

En Pointe


Adult Ballet

3 months - 12 sessions


Royal Ballet School

Richmond Park

Spring Intensive / Summer Intensive

Spring Intensive : 1 week

Spring Intensive:£560 -     £825

The London Ballet School


Adult Ballet Class



Northern Ballet School


Three-Year NBS Diploma in Professional Dance

1-3 years

£14,034 - £14,640 / year

KNT Danceworks


Adult Ballet Dance Class

1-2 hours


Sunshine Studios


Sunday Dance Academy 

12 weeks




What are the Top Ballet schools in the UK?


1. Good Toes School of Ballet - London

2. Brighton Ballet School - Hove

3. Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance - Twickenham 

4. Arabesque School of Dance - Sutton Coldfield

5. En Pointe - York

6. Dance UK - Glasgow

7. Royal Ballet School - Richmond Park

8. The Oxford School of Ballet - Oxford

9. Carnaby School of Dance - Oldham

10. Northern Ballet School - Manchester 



What is the cost of Ballet classes in the UK?


As the table shows, taking a Ballet Class in the UK has a possible cost, ranging from £6 up to £14,640.


  • £6 may be considered as the cheapest price for taking a Ballet Class in the UK, where it gives a student a 45-minute to an hour of dance lesson for a Drop-In type of class.
  • On the other hand, as shown on the table, taking a Ballet class in the UK may cost up to £14,640. With that being said, it gives a student not only a year of coaching and training but also a Degree specified for this type of Dance Class.


  • There are different reasons why prices in taking this type of Dance class vary for every academy or school who are offering it. 


  • The shortest class duration of 30 minutes may cost £6. While a 45-minute class has a cost range of  £6 to £7. Furthermore, a 1-4 ¾ hours of class per session may cost from £6 - £200.
  • In addition, having 3 years as the longest duration for a Ballet Dance Class, it has a corresponding fee of £14,034 - £14,640 / year.


  • Other reasons are whether it is an age-defined class (e.g Adult Class or Kids Class) - £6 to £84; or a seasonal-based class (e.g Spring or Summer class) - £60.00 - £1650.



What is the duration of Ballet classes in the UK?


Taking a Ballet Class in the UK gives a lot of options in regards to choosing on how long a student will take it. A student may choose whether it will be on a per session basis, per number of minutes, days and months.


  • As per the table, the shortest duration is good for 30 minutes. There’s also an option for a 45 minutes or up to a 4 hour class.
  • Another, is with the number of weeks. Academies or schools that depend on the number of weeks may range from a week to 12 weeks of coaching.
  • Showing on the table, the longest duration in taking the Ballet Dance class in the UK is good for 3 years.



What is the salary of a Ballet teacher in the UK?


The average salary for a Ballet Dance teacher in the United Kingdom is £19.57 per hour.

163 course(s) offered by 143 institutes in UK
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Barbara Mann Dance Academy & Theatre School Logo

Adult Ballet

dance classes are offered by Barbara Mann Dance Academy and Theatre School. Classes are run evenings and weekends with a variety of lessons in dance and performing arts. We hold a main production every two years at one of Bradford’s main theatres and we endeavour to hold annual parents viewing...

Institute by Barbara Mann Dance Academy & Theatre School [ Claim Listing ]
SLP Junior Academy Logo

Intermediate Ballet

The Royal Academy of Dance offers an internationally recognised portfolio of examinations and assessments designed to encourage, motivate and reward students of all ages and abilities.

Institute by SLP Junior Academy [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
Dance City Logo

Ballet Dance

Dance City offers high quality, fun classes with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, without the pressure of exams.

Institute by Dance City [ Claim Listing ]

Chiltern Dance Studio Liverpool Logo


Modern classes are offered by Chiltern Dance Studio Liverpool. “Each Chiltern child student and graduate is unique. Everyone has a talent, it is our pleasure and privilege to discover, develop and nurture those talents”.

Institute by Chiltern Dance Studio Liverpool [ Claim Listing ]
Grazia Academy of Dance & Acrobatics Logo

Ballet Grade 5/Intermediate Foundation

In this class, our dancers build on their ballet technique using creative roleplay, costumes, props and will thrive from positive reinforcement.

Institute by Grazia Academy of Dance & Acrobatics [ Claim Listing ]
Dancebuzz Logo

Beginners Ballet Classes (Level 1)

Throughout the beginners ballet classes you will learn to understand body alignment and position, will develop and tone your upper and lower body muscles and improve balance and breathing.

Institute by Dancebuzz [ Claim Listing ]
Gems Dance Academy Logo

Ballet Intermediate

Ballet classes are offered by Gems Dance Academy. Gems Dance Academy will provide the highest quality of tuition across all aspects and styles of dance and performing arts.

Institute by Gems Dance Academy [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration

SR Dance Academy Logo


Ballet classes are offered by SR Dance Academy. We provide dance classes to children and adults. We offer a safe haven for students to meet new friends, express themselves through dance and overall build self esteem.

Institute by SR Dance Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Dance For All Logo

Adult Ballet

Adult Ballet classes are offered by Dance For All. All classes at Dance For All are a great way to exercise and provide a progressive learning experience, allowing you to hone your dancing skills while building a more flexible and supple body.

Institute by Dance For All [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
Ajendance NI Logo


Ballets are choreographed and performed by trained artists. Traditional classical ballets usually are performed with classical music accompaniment and use elaborate costumes and staging, whereas modern ballets, such as the neoclassical works of American choreographer George Balanchine.

Institute by Ajendance NI [ Claim Listing ]
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