Planning to learn Contemporary dance in the UK?


Here is a table of Contemporary dance classes in the UK along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

The Place


Contemporary Dance Program

3 years

£6,820 - £22,000

Northern School of Contemporary Dance


Contemporary Dance Program

1  year

£9,000 - £17,500

Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance


Contemporary Dance Program

1 year

£9,250 - £18,800

​Chantry School


Contemporary Dance Program

1 hour to 1 year

£120 - £600

Hastings School of Contemporary Dance


Summer Course

3 hours 


Northern Dance Academy


Contemporary Dance Program

30 minutes - 4 weeks

£2 - £22

South London Dance School


Contemporary Dance Program

12 weeks

£55 - £165

Rambert Home Studio


Contemporary Dance Program

1 week - 12 weeks

£5 - £160



Contemporary Dance Program

1 hour - 1 year

£3 - £99

Stage Art Dance


Contemporary Dance Program

1 hour - 1 year

£10 - £154



What are the Top Contemporary dance schools in the UK?


1. The Place - London

2. Northern School of Contemporary Dance - Leeds

3. Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance - Twickenham 

​4. Chantry School - Grantham

5. Hastings School of Contemporary Dance - Hastings 

6. TheSchool Contemporary Dance and Performing Arts - Bristol

7. Northern Dance Academy - London

8. Studio 79 - Leicester

9. DanceXchange - Birmingham

10. KNT Danceworks - Manchester



What is the cost of Contemporary dance classes in the UK?


As per the table shows, taking a Contemporary Dance class in the UK may cost from £2 per session to £22,000 for a one year program.


  • As the table above represents, £2 is the cheapest cost when taking a Contemporary Dance class, where it is being charged on a per class basis.


  • On the other hand, having this dance class, it may cost up until £22,000 which is good for 1 year. 


  • Mostly, the cost is being affected by how long the class will take.


  • Price changes are also seen on a certain season (e.g Summer Class) when the class will be held which may cost from £20.

  • Other reasons for price changes are the type of class - some provide classes for Kids (£2 - £22), adults (£5 - £160), and 1-on-1 or private class (£3 - £99).



What is the duration of Contemporary dance classes in the UK?


  • As per the table above, taking a Contemporary dance class in the UK can be on session based (30 minutes - 3 hours) to several weeks or months (1 week - 12 weeks).


  • Longest duration for a contemporary dance course is 1 to 3 years in the UK, which is a Masters Degree for Contemporary Dancing.



What is the salary of a Contemporary Dance Instructor in the UK?


The average salary of a Dance Instructor in the United Kingdom is £19.55 per hour. The typical tenure for a Dance Instructor is less than 1 year.




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The Orme School of Dancing Logo

Contemporary Dance

We are fortunate to have a specialist Contemporary Dance teacher on our staff.

Cheapest Institute by The Orme School of Dancing [ Claim Listing ]
East London Dance Logo

Contemporary Dance

The class learn contemporary dance works by major artists, such as Akram Khan and Anne Teresa de Keermaeker, as well as create their own dance works.

Cheapest Institute by East London Dance [ Claim Listing ]
The Basement Dance Studio London Logo


This course is for adults with dance experience who would like to develop their dance skills further and gain a qualification.

Cheapest Institute by The Basement Dance Studio London [ Claim Listing ]

Zest Dance Workshops without logo

Contemporary Dance

Our Contemporary dance workshops give a fresh way of looking at a subject. This increases the learning ability, especially for those less academic students. Any theme or topic can expressed through Contemporary Dance.

Cheapest Institute by Zest Dance Workshops [ Claim Listing ]
Chisenhale Dance Logo

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance Course Is Offered By Chisenhale Dance. Chisenhale Dance Space grew out of the X6 collective. This was a group of five dance artists who wanted to work independently of any established company or organisation.

Cheapest Institute by Chisenhale Dance [ Claim Listing ]
South London Dance School Logo

Contemporary Dance

Our contemporary classes increase physical understanding and awareness whilst developing better range of movement, using the idea of weight and gravity in travelling/swing sequences and the important skill of moving in and out of the floor in a seemingly effortless way.

Cheapest Institute by South London Dance School [ Claim Listing ]
Dance City Logo

Contemporary Dance

This class begins with some warm-up and technique exercises which focus on stability and gaining a general understanding of contemporary dance.

Cheapest Institute by Dance City [ Claim Listing ]

Reflections Dance Studio Logo


Discovering different techniques and interpretations, contemporary is a modern dance technique class.

Cheapest Institute by Reflections Dance Studio [ Claim Listing ]
Dance Xchange Logo

Contemporary Beginners

Explore the basics of contemporary dance by improving coordination, strength, body alignment and flexibility. A pressure-free, fun class learning the basics, no previous dance experience required.

Institute by Dance Xchange [ Claim Listing ]
City Academy Logo

Contemporary Dance Classes (Intermediate)

This contemporary dancing course is for more advanced students who want to work on their performance, agility and stamina. You will have completed our Contemporary Improvers 2 course or equivalent elsewhere.

Cheapest Institute by City Academy [ Claim Listing ]
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