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Here is a table of Freestyle Dance classes in the UK along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

A&M’s Freedom Freestyle Dance Academy


Disco Freestyle

30 minutes

60 minutes



Wimbledon School of Freestyle and Ballroom Dance


Disco Dancing

60 minutes


Amanda Nicole School of Dance


Freestyle Disco (Beginners and Advanced)

60 minutes


Lait Dance Club


Disco Freestyle Dance

30 minutes

45 minutes



Arabesque School of Dance

Sutton Coldfield

Dinky Disco

Freestyle Disco

30 minutes

40+ minutes



The Goodman Dance Academy


Freestyle Dance

(Beginner and Intermediate)

45 minutes

60 minutes


EXP Dance


IDTA Freestyle and Street

12 weeks per term


Nailsea Leroc


Freestyle Dance

90 minutes


Starlite School of Dance


Disco / Freestyle

30 minutes


Spotlight Stage School


Freestyle Street Dance

30 minutes




What are the Top Freestyle Dance academies in the UK?


1. A&M's Freedom Freestyle Dance Academy, Grimsby

2. Wimbledon School of Freestyle and Ballroom Dance, London

3. Amanda Nicole School of Dance, Wallsend

4. Lait Dance Club, Ipswich

5. Arabesque School of Dance, Sutton Coldfield

6. The Goodman Dance Academy, Dartford

7. EXP Dance, Leeds

8. Nailsea Leroc, Clevedon

9. Starlite School of Dance, Plymouth

10. Spotlight Stage School, Birmingham



What is the cost of Freestyle dance classes in the UK?


As you can see on the table above, the cost of Freestyle Dance classes ranges from £2.50 per class up to £70 for a longer duration of courses.



What is the duration of Freestyle dance classes in the UK?


The duration of Freestyle Dance classes takes 30 minutes to 12 weeks.



What is the salary of a Freestyle Dance Teacher in the UK?


The average salary of a Freestyle Dance Teacher in the UK is £23,053 yearly with an average hourly rate of £15.73 and a bonus of £500.

The Freestyle courses in Leeds are provided by the following institutes:

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