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Course Fees : £14 to £198

Looking for Clarinet classes in UK?


Here’s a table of different clarinet classes with prices and duration in the UK:






Arts Academy

Clarinet classes 


GBP 39.50 per session

Birmingham City University

Professional postgraduate courses

2 Years

GBP 8500 per year


Why take Clarinet classes in the UK?


Pursuing clarinet training in the UK has the following advantages: 


  • Clarinets have been an integral part of the UK’s music since the 18th century. In fact, studies suggest that even with the decline in income, the British orchestra enrolled young talents even in 2016 and the trend is on the rise.  This is why taking up clarinet classes in the UK is an extremely good option.
  • Learn the instrument in a creative and supportive environment.
  • Learn from experts who are not only great mentors but also experienced performers.
  • Get the opportunity to perform in orchestras and ensembles. 


What is the cost of clarinet classes in the UK?


Typically, clarinet classes are charged per session. For example, the cost of taking up clarinet lessons in the Arts Academy is GBP 39.50 per session. On the other hand, professional postgraduate programs from Birmingham City University costs GBP 8500 per year. 


What is the duration of clarinet classes in the UK?


The average duration of clarinet classes varies from institute to the other. Typically, a postgraduate program takes two years to complete. 


What are the Top Music schools with clarinet courses in the UK?


Here’s a list of institutes that offer clarinet courses in the UK: 


1. Arts Academy, London

2. Birmingham City University, Birmingham

3. University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews

What will I learn by taking up clarinet classes in the UK?


By taking up clarinet classes in the UK, you will learn the following: 


  • Music theory and history of the clarinet. 
  • Instrumental and vocal principles.
  • Employ self-directed research to broaden the contextual awareness of music with the clarinet.


What jobs can I get as a clarinetist in the UK?


Post completion of clarinet training in the UK, you will able to become: 


  • A professional clarinetist
  • A professional clarinet instructor
  • Music director and composer
  • Independent artist

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Learn Music Ltd Logo

Clarinet Lessons

Clarinet classes are offered by Learn Music Ltd.Playing a musical instrument has many benefits and can bring joy to everyone around you and most importantly yourself.

Institute by Learn Music Ltd [ Claim Listing ]
Arts Academy Logo


The clarinet was developed from a baroque instrument called the chalumeau around the 18th century. The sound range of a clarinet is huge, covering both high and low pitches.

Institute by Arts Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Silverwood Music School Logo


Clarinet classes are offered by Silverwood Music School.The best music lessons at competitive prices, with Claire Pashley's proven and inspirational teaching methods. Music lessons offered to all pupils irrespective of age, ability or culture.

Institute by Silverwood Music School [ Claim Listing ]

Beacon Music Centre Logo

Clarinet Lessons

Whether you’re looking to play the clarinet for the first time, brush up on your skills after a break from making music, or aiming to get a distinction at Grade 8, our experienced and highly qualified music educators will help you on your journey to learning to play the clarinet.

Institute by Beacon Music Centre [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
Leicester Music Lessons Logo


Clarinet classes are offered by Leicester Music Lessons. We encourage our students to participate in concerts held throughout the year to build confidence & provide a supportive environment to showcase progress.

Institute by Leicester Music Lessons [ Claim Listing ]
The Glasgow School of Music (GSofM) Logo


Clarinet lessons are very popular, and can be a rewarding and meaningful development in your musical journey. Whether your interest in Classical, Jazz, Pop or Scottish Folk Music we cater for it all.

Institute by The Glasgow School of Music (GSofM) [ Claim Listing ]
Windows Music Academy Logo


You can learn to read music as part of the process, but you can also learn to play by ear if you prefer. We can teach any style from classical to jazz, including improvisation.

Institute by Windows Music Academy [ Claim Listing ]

London Academy of Music Logo

The Adult Clarinettist Course

If you wish to play clarinet on a non-professional basis but you are serious about becoming a decent clarinettist, then you will greatly enjoy our Adult program. Your age and experience level is irrelevant – all you need is the desire to develop your musical and instrument skills.

Institute by London Academy of Music [ Claim Listing ]
Southampton Arts Academy Logo

Clarinet Lessons

We have a range of studio spaces at the Academy to help teach the clarinet in a quiet and relaxing environment. To teach the clarinet, we use a range of teaching resources to help you create the different moods of this instrument.

Institute by Southampton Arts Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Edinburgh School of Music Logo

Clarinet Lessons (One to One Lessons)

We offer exciting woodwind lessons covering a range of styles, whether that be jazz, classical, or popular music.

Institute by Edinburgh School of Music [ Claim Listing ]
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