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Drum classes in the UK are imminent in all parts of the country. Drums can be found anywhere in the world and play a very critical role in all cultures showing its roots that date back to ancient civilization.


UK has some renowned musicians and bands that are popular all across the world. Some of the well-known drummers from the UK are:


Why take Drum classes in the UK?


Listed below are the reasons why one should take Drums classes in the UK:


  • In the UK, Drums play a vital role in an orchestra, learning drums gives you the flexibility to be part of a band or perform solo. 
  • Also academically drums can be studied as a degree program which would enhance your profile and help you find a career easily.


What is the cost of Drums classes in the UK?

The Cost of Drums classes in the UK  from a few popular music schools are as follows:




Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

£7,600 Per Annum

Elephant Drums

£155 Per month

Planet Drum

£120 per month 

MJP Music Tuition

£30 Per Hour

London Music Academy

£30 – £50 Per hour

Bang Drum

£34 Per Hour


What is the average duration of Drums classes in the UK?


Drums classes in the UK  are classified mainly as three levels,


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Experienced


The Duration of all levels is 30 minutes and 60 minutes with 4 classes per month. 


The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance degree is for 448 hours.


What are the Top Drum class providers in the UK?


The most popular schools that offer Drums classes in the UK are,


1. Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, London

2. Elephant Drums, Camden

3. Planet Drum, London

4. MJP Music Tuition, London

5. London Music Academy, London

6. Bang Drum, London

7. The Gwinnett School of Music, Duluth



What will I learn by taking Drums classes in the UK?

Drums classes in the UK  curriculum is as follows:

  • Instrumental Technique
  • Performance
  • Music Production Fundamentals
  • Applied Music Theory
  • The Music Industry
  • Marketing and Promotion for Musicians
  • The Evolution of the Instrument
  • Professional development


What jobs can I get as a Drummer in the UK?


Various Job opportunities post-Drums classes in the UK are,


  • Musician
  • Music Teacher
  • Music Performer
  • Music Instructor
  • Work in the recording studios
  • Music events
  • Write music-related articles
  • Playing in concerts Solo
  • Bands and orchestras

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