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Native to the country of India, the Ghatam is an ancient percussion instrument. A number of people have begun to take a keen interest in the field of Carnatic percussion. If you too are a budding percussion player, you can take Ghatam classes in the UK. 


This article lists some details that you should go through before you apply for Ghatam classes in the UK.


Why you should learn Ghatam classes in the UK?


Apart from a college or two, you won’t get many other universities that teach Ghatam classes in the UK. However, there are some online music education programs that provide regular training courses in learning to play Ghatam. 


Not only that, you get to learn an in-depth theory and history of the percussion instrument. The music teachers are exceptionally qualified. 


The syllabus is extensive and highly advanced but this only enhances your deeper understanding of the subject. Regular practical lessons are held that enhances your Ghatam playing skills and with the expanded knowledge on the subject, you thus become a trained expert and a coveted musician. 


What is the cost of Ghatam classes in the UK?


The cost of Ghatam classes in the UK depends upon whether you are taking an online course or from a music institute. 


Griffin College London

£35.00 to £70.00 

Online classes

Up to £40.00 


What is the average duration of Ghatam classes in the UK?


 The average duration of Ghatam classes in the UK for beginners is fifty two weeks. It can extend up to three years if the student decides to take advanced courses in the said field.  


What are the most famous Ghatam classes in the UK?


As has been mentioned before, very few universities or colleges actually teach Ghatam classes in the UK. Online learning via skype or other social media platforms is offered by a number of professional ghatam players. 


The institutions that provide specialized training for Ghatam in the UK are mentioned below:


1. Griffin College, London

2. Royal Academy of Music, London

3. Leeds College of Music, Leeds, England


The online institutions that provide Ghatam training in the UK can also be used as a tool for basic training for learning the instrument, and are as follows:


1. Private Percussion Lessons by Rohan Krishnamurthy via


2. Ghatam classes and workshops by Prathap Ramachandra via


3. Online classes, workshops, and seminars by Dr. S. Karthick via


What will I learn by taking Ghatam classes in the UK?


There are several subjects and topics to be learned once you opt for Ghatam Classes in the UK. These topics have been mentioned below for your perusal:


  • Carnatic Percussion technical skills
  • Reciting Techniques
  • Pre-Aadhi Thalam and Aadhi Thalam lessons
  • Devotional percussion playing
  • Theory and Fundamentals of the Ghatam
  • Cross-Musical Composition
  • Rhythm and Beats techniques
  • History and Cultural spread and the importance of the Ghatam
  • Akshara Faran’s lessons
  • Life History and contributions of major Ghatam players
  • Mohara and Korvai lessons


What jobs can I get by taking Ghatam classes in the UK?


The field of music always covets Carnatic players. Thus you will be at an advantage once you complete your Ghatam classes in the UK.


These are some jobs you can get:


  • Carnatic Percussion Teacher
  • Percussion Musicologist 
  • Carnatic Music orchestra entrepreneur/member
  • Percussion consultant for cultural programs held in schools and colleges
  • Professional Ghatam Musician

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