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Course Fees : £15 to £198

Planning to learn to play Keyboard in the UK?


Here’s an overview of keyboard classes in the UK: 





Royal College of Music

Bachelor of Music

4 years

London Music School

Diploma programs

6 months - 1 Year


Why should I take up keyboard classes in the UK?


The following are some of the reasons to pursue keyboard classes in the UK: 


  • Study in some of the world’s best music schools.
  • Get the opportunity to perform at a variety of orchestral projects, chamber music, as well as solo ventures.
  • There are ample career opportunities post completion of the course as the institutes in the UK have tie-ups with art centers, local music communities, and professional musicians. 


What is the average duration of keyboard courses in the UK?


The average duration of keyboard training classes in the UK depends on the type of course chosen. Typically, a bachelor’s program takes four years to complete, whereas the duration of a diploma program can range from 6 months - 1 year. 


What are the best keyboard classes in the UK?


Here’s a list of some of the institutes that offer keyboard training classes in the UK: 


1. Royal School of Music, London

2. London Music School, London

3. Birmingham Music School, Birmingham

What will I learn from keyboard classes in the UK?


Keyboard as a musical instrument has a rich history in the UK. Since the electrical organs of the 1960s to the modern-day keyboards, the instrument has enriched the music landscape in the UK in more ways than one.


This is why the demand for keyboard training is immense in the country and to that end, the UK has some of the best institutes in the world that offer keyboard classes for budding musicians.


What jobs will I get after completing keyboard training in the UK?


The following are the jobs that you can take up post completion of keyboard training course in the UK: 


  • Professional keyboard player for music studios
  • The keyboard player in a band
  • Music teacher
  • Music composer

28 course(s) offered by 26 institutes in UK
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Perfect Notes Music School Logo

Keyboards & Organ

Structured to suit your ability to learn. If you choose to learn the keyboard, you have the option either to bring your own and receive guidance on its use, or to use one of the schools.

Institute by Perfect Notes Music School [ Claim Listing ]
Dan Prest Logo


The desire to create music is a natural urge and for many the Keyboard is an obvious choice of instrument. Capable of producing beautiful sounds, it fits across virtually all genres. Producing delicate, single-note melody lines or rich, polyphonic textures.

Institute by Dan Prest [ Claim Listing ]
St. Giles Music Logo


Keyboard Lessons are offered by St. Giles Music for all ages and skill level. Here at St Giles we offer one on one music lessons for most instruments and all ages.

Institute by St. Giles Music [ Claim Listing ]

Progress Music Academy Logo


Specialist Keyboard lessons Birmingham are also available with a link to the recording studio. This involves lesson in programming, sequencing, MIDI, creating loops and samples and how to integrate that into a studio environment.

Institute by Progress Music Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Learn Music Ltd Logo

Keyboard Lessons

Keyboard classes are offered by Learn Music Ltd.Playing a musical instrument has many benefits and can bring joy to everyone around you and most importantly yourself.

Institute by Learn Music Ltd [ Claim Listing ]
Birmingham Rockschool Logo


We teach Keyboards in our custom-built music studio in Kings Norton, Birmingham.Students have a one hour lesson in keyboards and spend 50 minutes learning new techniques on their instrument followed by an exciting 10 minute jam session where students get to put what they have learned into practice.

Institute by Birmingham Rockschool [ Claim Listing ]
Rock Out Music School Logo


Become a master of the keys, learn everything from piano style to making spacey sounds.

Institute by Rock Out Music School [ Claim Listing ]

London Music School Logo

Keyboard Courses

All of our full time keyboard courses cover the key areas of technical skill associated with playing the keyboard, such as right and left hand independence, timing, feel, groove, improvisation, scales and reading. The London Music School offers unrivalled one-to-one tuition, harmony and theory clas...

Institute by London Music School [ Claim Listing ]
Northern Music Centre Logo


Keyboard is the most popular instrument taught at the Centre. Keyboard are taught to students from the age of five.

Institute by Northern Music Centre [ Claim Listing ]
Spectrum Music Logo


Our Keyboard lessons are suitable for all skill levels and we have the necessary skills to offer both practical and theoretical tuition for all students from entry level to grade 8.

Institute by Spectrum Music [ Claim Listing ]
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