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Course Fees : £14 to £198

Planning to learn Piano in the UK?


Piano training classes in the UK have it is one of the most popular musical instruments in the UK.


What are Top Piano classes in the UK?


The most famous institutes that offer Piano training classes in the UK  are: 


1. WKMT, London

2. The Piano Teachers Course UK, Online

3. London Contemporary School of Piano, London

4. The Piano Studio, London

5. Sokol Piano Academy, London

6. Windsor Piano School, Windsor

7. Piano Lessons UK, Medway

8. Cadenza Music Tuition, London



What is the cost of Piano classes in the UK?


The Cost of Piano classes in the UK from a few popular music schools are as follows:





GBP.29.90 Per hour

The Piano Teachers Course UK


London Contemporary School of Piano 

GBP.98 per Hour

The Piano Studio

GBP.70 for 30 minutes

Sokol Piano Academy

GBP.250 per hour


What is the duration of Piano classes in the UK?


The Piano classes in the UK are classified mainly as three levels,


  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


The Duration of all levels is at 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes with 10-11 lessons per term.


Why learn to play Piano in the UK?


The Primary reasons to take the Piano classes in the UK are as follows:


  • As per a survey conducted, Piano is the most popular musical instrument to be played in the UK. Almost 36% of Brits have voted that they would like to play the piano making it the most sought after instrument in the UK
  • The piano has the highest number of entries to appear for examination according to data from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
  • The piano is an instrument which is a part of music composed by everyone from famous pop songwriters to obscure art and classical music composers. It is a permanent fixture in music for its power and versatility.


  • The popularity of Piano in Britain is such that, a lot of pianos can be found placed in numerous places like railway stations and other prominent places all over the UK for the public to play.


  • The most notable pianist from the UK are:


  • Alan Rawsthorne
  • Benjamin Britten
  • Benno Moiseiwitsch
  • Carmen Reece
  • Chas Hodges



What will I learn from a Piano course in the UK?

Piano training classes in the UK course syllabus includes:

  • The Piano Chords and Harmony System and how it is used in all styles of music
  • Improvisation skills and techniques
  • How to compose your own music
  • Technical piano skills from Classical, Jazz and Popular Styles
  • Harmony Method and Chords Fully Integrated
  • Video Tutorials for home study
  • Mix & Match studio and video classes for working travelers & international students
  • Harmony Method Fully Integrated
  • All areas of musicianship training 
  • Extended Musicology and Music Appreciation
  • Expert Piano Training in All Genres


What jobs can I get as a Pianist in the UK?


Various Job opportunities post  Piano classes in the UK are,


  • Teaching
  • Work in the recording studios
  • Manage music events
  • Write music-related articles
  • Playing in concerts Solo
  • Bands and orchestras
  • Film Music composition
  • Produce music for Tv Commercials and Jingles

70 course(s) offered by 60 institutes in UK
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London School Of Music Logo

Piano Lessons

At London School of Music we tailor your piano lessons to your needs. Whether you want to learn Popular Music or you want a classical training, our teachers are highly qualified tutors that provide effective teaching for all.

Institute by London School Of Music [ Claim Listing ]
AllegranDo Piano Lessons Logo

Piano Lessons for Adult Beginners

Playing a musical instrument on a regular basis can help to sustain a healthy immune system, reduce everyday stress and anxiety, increase memory and improve coordination.

Institute by AllegranDo Piano Lessons [ Claim Listing ]
London Academy of Music Logo

The Adult Pianist Course

f you wish to play piano on a non-professional basis but you are serious about becoming a decent pianist, then you will greatly enjoy our Adult program. Your age and experience level is irrelevant – all you need is the desire to develop your musical and instrument skills.

Institute by London Academy of Music [ Claim Listing ]

Mango Music Southside Logo

Piano Lessons

We know what it is like to learn a new instrument, and we know what it is like to strive to improve on your skill. So, let us help you with your musical journey on the piano . Our piano lessons are taught in an equiped studio with good equipment.

Institute by Mango Music Southside [ Claim Listing ]
Music Academy London Logo

Beginners Piano Lessons (Private In Person)

Learning to play the piano might seem daunting, but truly, after one lesson you’ll be playing something meaningful, maybe something musical if you’re lucky. Great piano teachers will boost your resolve and lay the foundations for you to become the best pianist possible.

Institute by Music Academy London [ Claim Listing ]
Allesley School Of Dance Logo


Piano course is offered by Allesley School Of Dance

Institute by Allesley School Of Dance [ Claim Listing ]
Enact​ Music Logo

Piano (One-to-One Tuition)

Whether you want to learn to play piano for fun or to follow a piano examination route at Enact Music you will learn how to appropriately use your body to play piano using a comfortable and healthy technique.

Institute by Enact​ Music [ Claim Listing ]

Progress Music Academy Logo


From ages 4 and up, all lessons are tailor made and structured towards the individual's learning style, attainment level, musical preferences and goals. You can choose to study towards a more classical piano style or a more contemporary rock and pop style.

Institute by Progress Music Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Beacon Music Centre Logo

Piano Lessons

Whether you’re looking to play the piano for the first time, brush up on your skills after a break from making music, or aiming to get a distinction at Grade 8, our experienced and highly qualified music educators will help you on your journey to learning to play the piano.

Institute by Beacon Music Centre [ Claim Listing ]
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Guitar Birmingham Logo


Fulfil your dream of learning piano with Guitar Cities. Learn note reading, rhythm, and improvisation with our career pianist instructors.

Institute by Guitar Birmingham [ Claim Listing ]
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