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Course Fees : £14 to £198

Planning to learn Saxophone in the UK?


Here is a table of Saxophone classes in the UK along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

Newark Music School



Lesson wise

£15.00/30mins, £22.50/45mins

London Saxophone School



Lesson wise

5classes £250

10classes £450

Morning side School of Music



Session wise

60mins/£47, 30 mins/£ 29

Stockport Music School



Session wise

£18/30 min £26/45 min

Music Curley School



Session wise

£15.00/30 minutes

Music Development



Class wise

£15/30 mins,£52/month/30min

Virtuoso Music School


Saxophone lessons




Yorkshire College of Music



Session wise

30min/£17.25 45min/£25.88 

London Saxophone School


Sax Classes


£179.00/month £268.00/2 day course

Northern School of Music



Class wise

£12 per class


What are the Top Saxophone classes in the UK?


1. Newark Music School, Nottinghamshire

2. Morning side School of Music, Edinburg

3. London Saxophone School, Nottinghill

4. Stockport Music School, Stockport

5. Music Curley School, Liverpool

6. Music Development, Liverpool

7. Yorkshire College of Music, Leeds

8. Windsor Music, London

9. Northern School of Music, Hartlepool

10. Virtuoso School of Music, Birmingham


What is the cost of Saxophone classes in the UK?


  • Per session classes range from £15 to 25 per class for 30 minutes.
  • 45 minutes classes range from £30 to £70.1 hour classes range from £60 to £125.


What is the duration of Saxophone classes in the Uk?


Saxophone classes have a duration of 1 day.They are mostly conducted per session and monthly. 


What is the salary of a Saxophone Teacher in the UK?


The average Music Teacher Salary in United Kingdom £29,407.

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Leicester Music Lessons Logo


Saxophone classes are offered by Leicester Music Lessons. We encourage our students to participate in concerts held throughout the year to build confidence & provide a supportive environment to showcase progress.

Institute by Leicester Music Lessons [ Claim Listing ]
The Glasgow School of Music (GSofM) Logo


Saxophone lessons are very popular, and can be a rewarding and meaningful development in your musical journey. Whether your interest in Classical, Jazz, Pop or Scottish Folk Music we cater for it all.

Institute by The Glasgow School of Music (GSofM) [ Claim Listing ]
Prelude School of Music Logo


At Prelude School of Music we offer expert lessons on the saxophone

Institute by Prelude School of Music [ Claim Listing ]

Shades Music Logo


If woodwind is your choice then we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking to play Clarinet, Flute or Saxophone we have the teachers for you.

Institute by Shades Music [ Claim Listing ]
Parr Street Music School Logo


From classical ABRSM and jazz grades through to advanced playing , or, if you just want to play for fun , our tutor can help you.

Institute by Parr Street Music School [ Claim Listing ]
London Music School Logo

Saxophone Courses

All of our full time saxophone courses cover the key areas of technical skill associated with playing the sax, such as left and right hand technique, major and minor scales and modes, tone production, section playing, building repertoire, improvisation and soloing.

Institute by London Music School [ Claim Listing ]
Learn Music Ltd Logo

Saxophone Lessons

Saxophone classes are offered by Learn Music Ltd.Playing a musical instrument has many benefits and can bring joy to everyone around you and most importantly yourself.

Institute by Learn Music Ltd [ Claim Listing ]

London Academy of Music Logo

The Adult Saxophonist Course

If you wish to play saxophone on a non-professional basis but you are serious about becoming a decent saxophonist, then you will greatly enjoy our Adult program. Your age and experience level is irrelevant – all you need is the desire to develop your musical and instrument skills.

Institute by London Academy of Music [ Claim Listing ]
Nemco (North East Music Co-operative Ltd) Logo


Saxophone classes are offered by Nemco.Our aim is to provide a quality music service at an affordable price and to engender an enthusiasm for music making through participation. We encourage pupils to achieve the highest possible standards.

Institute by Nemco (North East Music Co-operative Ltd) [ Claim Listing ]
Enact​ Music Logo


Saxophone classes are offered by Enact Music. As with all other instruments tuition is available from beginner to advanced levels from specialist teachers.Students are required to purchase their own instruments and advice can be sought from our teachers on buying the most suitable instrument for yo...

Institute by Enact​ Music [ Claim Listing ]
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