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Tabla courses in the UK are popular and taught across the UK. The term tabla is derived from an Arabic word, tabl, which simply means "drum"."


It is a set of hand drums that are played all over the world. There are 26 different hits and combinations of strokes which makes it a dynamic drum in the world.


One can find few institutes and many private tutors who teach tabla all across the UK.


What are the best Tabla music schools in the UK?


The most famous institutes and universities offering Tabla courses in the UK are:

1. World heartbeat Music Academy, London

2. The West London School of Tabla, London

3. SAAZ Tabla Class, London


What is the cost of Tabla classes in the UK?


The tabla classes are mostly conducted by private tutors. They charge on an hourly basis. 


  • The average cost of a class by private tutor ranges from GBP.10- GBP.30 per hour.


  • The cost of a class in an institute ranges from GBP.10 for  half an hour class and GBP.30 for a 1 hour class


What is the duration of Tabla classes in the UK?


The tabla classes in the UK is a process of learning from basics to a professional level.  It takes almost 8 years to complete all levels. The duration of the classes in the UK that are taught by institutes and private tutors ranges from half an hour to one-hour classes with one class a week.


Why learn to play Tabla in the UK?


Many concerts happen in the UK throughout the year and learning tabla exposes you to various musical events.

Learning and playing tabla has various health benefits. Since you will be playing it along with understanding the musical notes, it makes it a complicated process and constantly exposed to such an activity improves brain activity and increases IQ of especially children.

It engages both your linear and creative brain and lowers brain waves to 8 cycles per second.


What will I learn from Tabla classes in the UK?

Tabla courses in the UK course structure is as follows,


  • Introduction
  • Tabla Basics
  • About the Tabla
  • Sitting and Playing Posture with Hand Position
  • Tabla Positioning and features
  • History of Tabla And its Parts
  • Tabla Bols (alphabets and words)-1
  • Tabla Bols (alphabets and words)-2
  • Taal Basics


What jobs can I get as a Tabla player in the UK?


Tabla courses in the UK offer the following job opportunities:

  • Start a successful cover band
  • Professional songwriter for television and movies
  • Work as a studio/session Tablaist
  • Play in a backing band
  • Start a business teaching Tabla
  • Freelance Tablaist
  • Tabla teacher at a school or university
  • Music composer
  • Musical Therapy Aid

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