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In the recent global outbreak of COVID-19, countries around the world have taken firm stances to ensure safety of its citizens. Amid all this chaos, the global business and education order has been impaired to say the least. The Department of Education UK in a recent statement announced the closure of all schools across the country. Students are forced to stay home in a bid to prevent the infectious Coronavirus spread. The statement about closure by the Minister of Education read;


The announcement of the closure of schools to pupils from the end of the school day on the afternoon of Friday 20 March will apply to schools in all sectors, Education Otherwise Than At School (EOTAS) settings, all statutory nursery settings, all pre-school education provided in non-statutory settings funded under the Pre-School Education Programme and all statutory/generic/non-targeted youth settings.  The position on closures will remain in place until further notice.


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Schools, Universities and other educational outlets are turning to online education to ensure the flow of learning & education does not stop for anyone even during a crisis as dire as the COVID-19 outbreak. The UK Department Of Education stated that:


‘It is important that, during the period that schools are closed to pupils, we continue to make provision so far as possible for their continuing learning, whilst acknowledging the constraints within which we are operating.  I know that school leaders will pull together at this time and sharing and cooperation across sectors have never been more important.  Schools are already making provision for this through arrangements for online learning and the preparation of lesson packs, and a wide range of valuable and innovative mechanisms are being put in place’  says Education Minister Peter Weir.


The department of Education is also making relentless efforts to promote online education possible and common for the people in a time when attending schools, universities and institutes is not possible. 


E-learning in UK by schools, colleges and universities across UK due to coronavirus pandemic.


Just Inside the UK, there are plenty of useful portals offering home-based learning for children. You can find a whole lot of useful resources like ‘Poems, kids education magazines, storytimes, audiobooks’ and so much more. With a broad retrospective in mind, these holidays due to the COVID-19 outbreak can be put into great use by students of all age-groups as now you can find online professional and long-duration qualifications from the prestigious University Of Oxford, University Of London & many other notable universities and platforms across the UK. 

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