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Course Fees : $15 to $160

Bachata Classes in the USA are a popular form of social dance originating in Dominican Republic and reached the U.S.A regions of New York and Puerto Rico.


Bachata is prevalent even today in the Caribbean and all over the world. It has been constantly evolving for several decades.


It is primarily danced to faster music, adding more footwork, simple turns and rhythmic free-styling with alternation between close (romantic) and open position


Why take Bachata Dance Classes in the USA?


Listed below are the primary reasons to Bachata classes in the USA,


  • Bachata Classes in the USA is a commercial form of dance  making it a popular form of social dance which helps in gaining quick recognition
  • Bachata is a relaxed form of dance and enables closer connection with your partner.
  • Bachata which was once a slow paced dance has now evolved into a faster version with music attracting many dancers.


What is the cost of Bachata Classes in the USA?


The Cost of Bachata classes in South Africa from few popular academies are:




Majesty in Motion

$15 -$150

Latin Street Music and dancing studio


Salsa N’ Seattle Dance Studio


PasoFino Latin Dance Studio



What is the average duration of Bachata Classes in the USA?


The duration of Bachata Classes in the USA depends on the types of package and level one chooses. The duration ranges from 1 class to 30 classes. 


What are the famous Bachata Dance Academies in the USA?


Some of the famous academies teaching Bachata Classes in the USA are:


1. Salsa Mila, Florida

2. Majesty in Motion Dance studio Salsa and Bachata Lessons, San Diego

3. Latin Street Music and dancing studio, Chicago

4. Latin Dance Movement, Florida

5. Salsa N’ Seattle Dance Studio, WA

6. Pasofino Latin Dance Studio, Atlanta

7. Latin Rhythms Academy of Dance and Performance, Chicago

8. Bachata Dance Academy, CA


What will I learn by taking Bachata Classes in the USA?


Upon learning Bachata Classes in the USA one can learn the following:


  • Effective ways to carry the dance form socially.
  • Bachata groove, tricks and musicality 
  • Learn signature steps
  • Techniques to balance the body while synchronizing to the rhythm.
  • Experience of performing tales (heartbreak and love specifically) with Bachata Dance form.


What jobs can I get as a Bachata Dancer in the USA?


Bachata Classes in the USA upon completion helps you acquire the below-listed jobs:


  • Dance choreographer
  • Community Dance Practitioner
  • Dance Performer
  • Dance Company Education Specialist
  • Dance Film Maker
  • Dance Producer

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A Social Affair Logo


The Bachata, a guitar-based trio (guitar, bongo, maraca), from the Dominican Republic, shares with its audience a country/peasant/barrio sentimentality marked by bawdy humor that connects the celebration of food, love and a macho delight in elaborating upon the ability of women to overpower men.

Institute by A Social Affair [ Claim Listing ]
Maria Diaz Latin Dance Logo


Bachata Course is Offered by Maria Diaz Latin Dance.

Institute by Maria Diaz Latin Dance [ Claim Listing ]
DeMure Dance Logo


Bachata Level 1* curriculum includes: Basic steps and partnership connection, 3-point turns, rhythm variations (fast, slow, step-tap), and more.

Institute by DeMure Dance [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration

Salsa Salsa Dance Studio Logo

Bachata (Beginner)

Bachata Dance Classes are offfered by Salsa Salsa Dance Studio for beginners of all ages. Students come from all boroughs to learn to dance, hone their technique, and meet new people in a fun and friendly setting.

Institute by Salsa Salsa Dance Studio [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
Urban Movement Arts Logo


Bachata Dance Classes are offered by Urban Movement Arts.

Institute by Urban Movement Arts [ Claim Listing ]
Studio 22 Logo


This dance is achieved with a walking Cuban hip motion, and a unique "pop". The dance is performed both in open position and in closed position depending on the setting and mood of the partners. Similar to Merengue, dips are not original to the dance and turns are done infrequently.

Institute by Studio 22 [ Claim Listing ]
Bachata Caliente Dance Company Logo


Bachata Course is Offered by Bachata Caliente Dance Company.

Institute by Bachata Caliente Dance Company [ Claim Listing ]

Eka Dance Academy Logo


Bachata Dance Classes are offered by Eka Dance Academy for all ages and skill level. If you can move, you can dance! We offer many different dance programs for different experience levels.

Institute by Eka Dance Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Majesty in Motion Logo

Bachata (Beginner)

Learn all the basics to Bachata! This is a beginner level class but open for ALL levels. You will learn basic lead and follow techniques to help you look great on the dance floor.

Institute by Majesty in Motion [ Claim Listing ]
Danzversity Logo


Bachata Choreography Intensive, Video Flashmob and Social

Institute by Danzversity [ Claim Listing ]
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