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Course Fees : $5 to $1440

Planning to learn Ballet in the US?


Here is a table of Ballet classes in the US along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

A Class Act Dance Center


Ballet Dance Class

August-May (9 months)

Thirty Min per week: $60/month

Dance Academy USA


Ballet Dance Classes

1 hour/ session

1 class/week: $88

Tampa Bay Ballet


Private Lessons


1 hour 

Summer Intensive


Fusion Dance Company LLC


Summer Dance Camp


$100 - $205

American Dance Institute


Mommy & Me Toddler Class

9 weeks


Boundless Dance Academy


Regular Dance Class (All Ages)

30 minutes - 6 hours /  week

$34 - $235

3-D Dance


Regular Ballet Class 

4 weeks (1 weekly class)

$96 per month

The Dance Factory


Ballet Dance Classes

1 hour per session

1 Class/ week - $70

Howell Academy of Dance

New Jersey

Summer Dance Program

2 days


Wise Ballet and Music Academy


Ballet Dance Classes

45 minutes - 2 hours class / week

$60 - $145 / month


What are the Top Ballet schools in the US?


1. A Class Act Dance Center - .Georgia

2. Dance Academy USA - California

3. Quenedit Ballet School - Texas

4. Ballet Blake - Minnesota

5. Tampa Bay Ballet - Florida

6. American Dance Institute - Washington

7. Boundless Dance Academy - Missouri

8. Howell Academy of Dance - New Jersey

9. American Ballet Academy - Oregon

10. Colorado Ballet - Colorado 



What is the cost of Ballet classes in the US?


  • As the table shows, taking a Ballet Class in the US costs from $13 up to $434.
  • Having $13 as the cheapest price for taking a Ballet Class in the US, it gives a student a 45-minute session for a Drop-In type of class.
  • On the other hand, as per the table, taking a Ballet Class in the US may cost up to $434. With this being said, it gives a student 6-9 sessions in a week.
  • There are various reasons affecting the price in taking this type of Dance class. First, is the number of sessions that a student will attend each week. They can choose from 1 up to 9 sessions in a week with a cost range of $70 up to $434.
  • Second, some depends on how long the class will take place, like the number of minutes and hours on a weekly basis. The shortest class duration of 30 minutes may cost from $34 up to $60. A 45-minute class has a cost range of $13 to $70. In addition, a 1 to 4 hours of session per week may cost $70 - $309.
  • Lastly, cost is being affected with the type of class they are offering. Whether it is a regular/group class($34 up to $235), a private class($42.50 up to $75), or seasonal-based class, in e.g Summer Camp/Class ($75 - $1,050).



What is the duration of Ballet classes in the US?


  • Taking a Ballet Class in the US gives a lot of options in regards to choosing on how long a student will take it. A student may choose whether it will be on a per session basis, per number of minutes, days and months.
  • As per the table, the shortest duration is good for 30 minutes. There’s also an option for a 45 minutes or up to a 4 hour class.
  • Another, is on the number of sessions per week. Duration may range from 1 to 9 sessions each week for a certain month.
  • Showing on the table, the longest duration in taking the Ballet Dance class in the US is good for 9 months.



What is the salary of a professional Ballet dancer in the US?


An early career Ballet Dancer with 1-4 years of experience, earns an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $29,492.

213 course(s) offered by 144 institutes in USA
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Studio A Dance Logo

Intermediate Ballet

In order to create a positive, inquisitive and highly focused learning environment, I honor each student’s physical individuality and unique learning process.

Institute by Studio A Dance [ Claim Listing ]
Creativo Dance Studio Logo

Ballet Classes

Creativo Dance Studio is your local Miami ballet school offering professional ballet classes for toddlers, children, teens, and adults. Our ballet dance instructors are among the best in Miami and have the experience and knowledge to teach from beginners to advanced ballet students.

Institute by Creativo Dance Studio [ Claim Listing ]
Contemporary Ballet Dallas Logo

Ballet Dance

It is never too late to start dancing – and that is why CBD offers several adult dance and fitness classes from the beginner to the professional.

Institute by Contemporary Ballet Dallas [ Claim Listing ]

Corazon Latino Dance Studio Logo

Kids Ballet Class

Kids Ballet Class is offered by Corazon Latino Dance Studio. We at Corazon Latino Dance Studio focus on the kinesthetic development of our children through music that assists children to develop a passion for music and dance. 

Institute by Corazon Latino Dance Studio [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
En Pointe Indiana Ballet Logo


En Pointe Indiana’s preschool dance classes start at age 3 and includes Discovery Dance and Pre-Ballet. Classes range from 45 minutes to an hour. Classes will keep your child actively engaged while they learn basic dance movements and work on their musicality, coordination and overall technique.

Institute by En Pointe Indiana Ballet [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
Brooklyn Centerstage Dance Studio Logo


The classes will include barre exercises for warm-up and to create strength in the legs and feet, stretching, turns, leaps and combinations.

Institute by Brooklyn Centerstage Dance Studio [ Claim Listing ]
Artevivo Dance Studio Logo


Ballet dance class is offered by Artevivo Dance Studio for all ages and levels. We offer Master & Open Classes, Videos, National Competitions, Shows, Events, & Performances.

Institute by Artevivo Dance Studio [ Claim Listing ]

Dance2b Logo

Ballet Barre

This class will focus on proper alignment and technique at the barre. A full class dedicated to barre work will improve your balance, strength, muscle memory, and posture.

Cheapest Institute by Dance2b [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
The Dance Refinery Logo


Ballet dance classes are offered by the dance refinery. We are excited to bring you a wide variety of classes suited to all different skill levels. Some of the most popular types of dance instruction. 

Institute by The Dance Refinery [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
Fuzion Force Logo


An artistic dance form performed to music using precise and highly formalized set steps and gestures. This genre of dance is characterized by light, graceful, fluid movements and the use of pointe shoes

Institute by Fuzion Force [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
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