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Course Fees : $20 to $170

Planning to learn Belly Dancing in the US?


Here is a table of Belly Dancing classes in the US along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

American Belly Dance Studio

Lutz, FL

Bellydance (Level I, II, III)

60 minutes

$64 - monthly


L.A. Bellydance Academy

Los Angeles, CA

Beginner Belly Dance

60 minutes per class

$200 monthly

Art in Motion

Pittsburgh, PA

Belly Dance Classes

4 weeks

Weekly $45 - 1 class

Oasis Bellydance Studio

Lafayette, LA

Beginner Belly Dance

8 weeks


Alegria Bellydance

West Columbia, SC

Bellydance (Level I, II, III)

4 weeks

$72 - 6 Class Card

Atlanta Bellydance Center

Decatur, GA

Beginner Class

4 weeks

from $44

Dalida Bellydance

Plano, TX

Belly Dance Classes

4 weeks

$60 - once a week

Anaya Belly Dance

Blue Ash, OH

Beginner I, II

60 minutes per class

$15 per class

The Cassandra School of Belly Dance

Minneapolis, MN



60 minutes

$15 per class

Bellydance by Tava

Norwalk, CT

Beginner Belly Dance

60 minutes




What are the Top Belly Dancing studios in the US?


1. American Belly Dance Studio, Lutz, FL

2. L.A. Bellydance Academy, Los Angeles, CA

3. Art in Motion, Pittsburgh, PA

4. Oasis Bellydance Studio, Lafayette, LA

5. Alegria Bellydance, West Columbia, SC

6. Atlanta Bellydance Center, Decatur, GA

7.Dalida Bellydance, Plano, TX

8. Anaya Belly Dance, Blue Ash, OH

9. The Cassandra School of Belly Dance, Minneapolis, MN

10. Bellydance by Tava, Norwalk, CT



What is the cost of Belly Dancing classes in the US?


As per the table above, the cost of Belly Dancing classes ranges from $14 to $200.


As stated above, some dance studios offer it on a monthly basis.


  • For once a week class it will cost you from $45 to $60.
  • For twice a week classes it will cost you from $80 to $100.
  • For thrice a week classes it will be from $105 to $130.


What is the duration of Belly Dance classes in the US?


As shown on the table above, you can take Belly Dancing classes per class, it will be 60 minutes per class and may take from 4 weeks up to 10 weeks.



What is the salary of a Belly Dance Instructor in the US?


The average salary of a Belly Dance Instructor in the US is $35,762 per year with an hourly rate of $23.65. A bonus of $983 and commission of $16,000.


18 course(s) offered by 14 institutes in USA
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Rae Studios Logo

Belly Dance

This class is designed to work out your whole body and also learn belly dance fundamentals, technique, hip isolations, and a choreography combo! Feel free to bring a hip scarf.

Cheapest Institute by Rae Studios [ Claim Listing ]
Balance Dance Studios Logo

Belly Dance

With a foundation established, this class offers students more advanced technique and movement patterns. Each class includes a short warm up, technique drills with layering options, and dance combinations or exercises that explore more advanced interpretation of Middle Eastern music. Bring your fin...

Institute by Balance Dance Studios [ Claim Listing ]
Hip Hop Dance Junkies Logo

Belly Dancing (Private)

Belly Dance Classes are offered by Hip Hop Dance Junkies for all ages and skill level. We provide our clients (singles, couples, or groups) with a more personal experience to focus on anything that they want to excel at.

Institute by Hip Hop Dance Junkies [ Claim Listing ]

iDance Studio Logo

Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing Classes are offered by iDance Studio for all ages and skill level. Our intent at iDance Studio is to ensure that all our students have a wonderful experience in our classes as well as the opportunity to find joy in the art of dance.

Cheapest Institute by iDance Studio [ Claim Listing ]
Sahara Dance Logo

Beginner I Belly Dance Technique

This course is designed for students new to belly dance or seeking a belly dance refresher. No dance experience necessary! Join us for a fun workout while making new friends and learning beautiful, sensual movements.

Institute by Sahara Dance [ Claim Listing ]
3rd Street Dance Logo

Belly Dance

Belly Dancing Course is Offered by 3rd Street Dance.

Institute by 3rd Street Dance [ Claim Listing ]
Inner Diva Studios Logo

Belly Dance Classes

We also offer on-site parties including various styles of dance like twerking, chair dancing, belly dancing, hula hooping, and others. With our pole fitness classes, you'll be able to exercise your core muscles while having fun.

Institute by Inner Diva Studios [ Claim Listing ]

Philly Dance Fitness Logo

Belly Dance

Challenge your mind, muscle control and flexibility as you move through a nonstop fusion of Middle Eastern and Turkish belly dance styles.

Institute by Philly Dance Fitness [ Claim Listing ]
Dance International Logo

Beginner Belly Dance

Belly dance is a dance with ancient roots from the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey (MENAT). It is a dance meant for celebration and joy. Belly dance is a term that encompasses many styles of Menat dances, and has a rich history embedded in the culture of many countries.

Institute by Dance International [ Claim Listing ]
Old Town School of Music Logo

Belly Dance

Egyptian belly dance has its roots in Egyptian social and folkloric dances but has been influenced by western dance genres. From its origins to our days, Egyptian raqs sharqi has changed and it has spread around the world. However, it maintains certain elements that distinguish it from other genres

Institute by Old Town School of Music [ Claim Listing ]
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