Course Fees : $5 to $420

Planning to learn Contemporary dance in the US?


Here is a table of Contemporary dance classes in the US along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance, Inc.

New York

Contemporary Dance Class

4 weeks


Dancer’s Gallery


After School Program

1 month


Premiere Dance

New Jersey

Summer Dance Programs

1-4 weeks

$150 - $225

American Dance Institute


Modern Dance For ADults

1-12 weeks

$22 - $912

Step Above Dance Academy


Contemporary Dance Class

37 weeks

$30 - $76

Jazz Unlimited Studio of Dance Arts

New Jersey

Contemporary Dance Class

1 hour - 1¼ hour

$220 - $750

Dance Academy USA


Lyrical / Contemporary Dance Class

1 - 9  weeks

$88 - $434

Sarasota Contemporary Dance


Contemporary Dance Class

1 week - 1 month

$55 - $120

​Gotta Dance Company


Contemporary Dance Class

45 minutes - 10 hours per week

$55 - $325

Dance Obsession Dance Studio


Contemporary Dance Class

45 minutes - 8 hours per week

$45 - $330



What are the Top Contemporary dance academies in the US?


1. Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance, Inc. - New York

2. Dancer’s Gallery - Florida

3. Premiere Dance - New Jersey

4. American Dance Institute - Washington

5. Step Above Dance Academy - Illinois

6. Dance Academy USA - California

​7. Gotta Dance Company - Arizona

8. Laredo School of Contemporary Dance - Texas

9. Contemporary Academy of Dance - Pennsylvania

10. Minnesota Dance Theatre - Minnesota 



What is the cost of Contemporary dance classes in the US?


  • As per the table above, taking a Contemporary Dance class in the US may cost from $10 - $912.
  • $10 is the cheapest cost when taking a Contemporary Dance class, where it is being charged on a per class basis.
  • Cost can go up to $912, which gives the student a 12-week session. During those 12 weeks, students are being taught 4 times and up per week.
  • Mostly, the cost is being affected by how long the class will take. Some contemporary dance class prices are also dependent on a certain season (e.g Summer Class) when the class will be held which may cost from $150 - $225.
  • Other reasons are the type of class, some provide classes for Kids ($220 - $750), adults ($22 - $912), and 1-on-1 or private class (may cost $100 per class).



What is the duration of Contemporary dance classes in the US?


  • As per the table above, taking a Contemporary Dance class in the US has various options when it comes to duration.
  • Some provide on per number minutes or hours (45 minutes - 1 ¼ hour).
  • While others are dependent on the number of weeks and months (1 week - 3 months). Longest duration is good for 1 year.



What is the salary of a Contemporary Dance Instructor in the US?


The average salary of a Contemporary Dance Instructor in the United States is $21.96 per hour. The typical tenure for a Dance Instructor is 1-3 years.



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Momentum Dance Studio Logo

Contemporary & Lyrical

A fusion of modern, jazz, and ballet dance, contemporary and lyrical styles are high in demand and ever-evolving. Contemporary features a more modern-based style while lyrical contains a more ballet-based curriculum. Minimum two years of ballet technique to place in both contemporary and lyrical

Institute by Momentum Dance Studio [ Claim Listing ]
Diamond Dance Works Logo


This class focuses on letting go and stepping out of your comfort zone. A mixture of all dance styles it fuses together technique and passion. This dance style asks dancers to tell a story and to express deep emotions

Institute by Diamond Dance Works [ Claim Listing ]
Peridance Logo

Contemporary (Inter)

A physically demanding Contemporary class that incorporates technique, floor work, and efficient release and strengthening.

Institute by Peridance [ Claim Listing ]

Hothouse Logo


Come feel the feels. Each class will begin with a dedicated warm up and stretch, with a new combo each week. Expect contemporary movement ranging from slinky spines, to quirky intricacies, and maybe a ballet-infused gesture or two.

Institute by Hothouse [ Claim Listing ]
Rae Studios Logo

Contemporary (Beginner)

Start building your solid foundation in Contemporary dance! With an emphasis on fundamentals, this beginner friendly class will guide you into learning choreography. Intensify your strength and flexibility, rejuvenate your mind, and express your true self in Beginning Contemporary.

Institute by Rae Studios [ Claim Listing ]
The Jewel of Art Dance Studio Logo


The Jewel of Art Dance Studio is the stepping stone to producing refined and brilliant dancers.

Institute by The Jewel of Art Dance Studio [ Claim Listing ]
Dance Austin Studio Logo


In this class, we will dive into contemporary movement by combining elements of ballet, jazz, hip hop, and modern to create a unique style of dance that lends itself to many different narratives and music genres

Institute by Dance Austin Studio [ Claim Listing ]

Academy of Dance Logo


This is a class designed for the advanced dancer. This very abstract style of dance requires the technique and discipline of classical ballet and the strength of jazz. Contemporary encourages natural, spontaneous movement and personal interpretation

Institute by Academy of Dance [ Claim Listing ]
Dancyn Studio Logo


A form of dance that draws on modern dance technique and departs from classical dance technique by omitting structured form and movement.

Institute by Dancyn Studio [ Claim Listing ]
Visceral Dance Center Logo

Contemporary Jazz I

This class will include a full warm up, across the floor progressions and center combination focusing on quality of movement and expression.

Institute by Visceral Dance Center [ Claim Listing ]
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