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Here are the Top 10 available Hustle dance classes in the USA.

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Spot Dance. Club. Hustle is exciting and energetic, with an elegant and graceful, sultry and intimate, or funky and fun look. It includes numerous wrap and turn patterns as well as gliding movements.

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Hustle Dancing

Hustle dancing, also known as disco, became popular in the late 1960’s and throughout the 1970’s. Nowadays, hustle is typically danced to popular contemporary pop music and Top 10 hits.

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In 1973, at a disco called The Grand Ballroom, a new type of “touch dance” without a name was being exhibited by females. This simple 6-count step with a very basic form, including inside and outside single turns, would give birth to what would later be called “Hustle.” The young men of the...

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Hustle Lesson

Hustle refers to one of several couples' disco dances that became popular during the 1970s. Similar to swing dance, hustle is enjoyed by couples today in both nightclubs and ballrooms. Hustle was originally made famous by the hit movie Saturday Night Fever.

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Hustle Dance Classes

Hustle Dance Classes course is Offered by By Your Side Dance Studio.

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Hustle Dance Classes are offered by Harpe's Dance Inc for all ages and skill level. Bring fun and excitement to your life with an introduction to dancing at Harpe's Dance Inc. It is the investment in yourself that is truly rewarding.

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Hustle Beginner

This class is for beginners who have little or no experience. We learn the basic hustle step, leading and following technique, and simple dance patterns.

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Want To Enter A Competition Or Just Learn A Few Basic Dance Steps, It Is Our Pleasure To Help You Become The Kind Of Dancer You Wish To Be. 

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 The Hustle (Disco) is a member of the Swing family, and is like the West Coast Swing in pattern. It has a distinct flavor, utilizing Disco style music & revived partnerstyle among nightclub dancers in the 70s.

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The Hustle was born in New York’s Latin community. Young Latinos were born in a culture where dancing together was the norm, but they wanted to dance to more contemporary music than the Mambo of their parents. Slowly the Latin Hustle was developed and emerged as a club style. The mainstream young...

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