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Are you looking for Strength & Conditioning courses in the USA?


Here are the Top 10 available Strength & Conditioning courses in the USA.

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Stretch and Strength

Stretch and Strength is a blend of physical exercises combined to create a challenging, but accessible practice for students of all experience levels.

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Stretch & Conditioning

This stretch and conditioning class begins with a 15-minute warm-up followed by 30 minutes of core work, strengthening exercises, stretches, and body resistance training. Class closes with a 10-minute cooldown followed by a 5-minute meditation.

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Technique & Flexibility

Karina's School of Dance's mission is to provide quality dance instruction with an emphasis on aesthetics, discipline, self-esteem, and FUN!

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Stretch 30

This is a 30min stretching class utilizing yoga fundamentals that allows you to breathe between your working and lunch hour. Have a yoga mat and yoga blocks available.

Institute by Rae Studios [ Claim Listing ]
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At DanceHouse Miami, we believe in giving our students the best possible foundation for their dance career. That means offering specialty classes that put the focus on specific techniques and abilities that will serve them in every dance discipline. These foundational classes include Stretching and

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Legs & Feet

Legs and Feet Class work on flexibility and strength. Students will be working to heighten their extensions as well as lengthen their lines through the feet. The class is structured with a stretching warm-up which leads into the various center and across the floor exercises.

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Stretch (Open)

This active and deep stretch class is excellent for gaining flexibility and body alignment. Throughout a series of interlacing exercises, students will focus on lengthening the hip flexors, spine, and hamstrings so as to develop healthy body awareness.

Institute by Peridance [ Claim Listing ]

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Stretch For Athletes

Stretch For Athletes Classes are offered by Dance Infinity SA for all ages. Sports stretch and conditioning class for ages 11 up.

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Flexibility Classes are offered by Contemporary Academy of Dance for all ages and skill level. We provide our students with a safe, encouraging, and fun environment to learn a variety of dance styles.

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Dance Fitness

Our Dance Fitness classes are beginner-friendly, yet offer enough challenge for the fitness enthusiast. Our follow-the-leader format will allow you to tone and stretch your body while getting in shape with these energizing dance workouts!

Institute by 3rd Street Dance [ Claim Listing ]
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