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Are you looking for Swing dance classes in the USA?


Here are the Top 10 available Swing dance classes in the USA.

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Daza Dance Ballroom Academy Logo


Swing Dance Lesson is offered by Daza Dance Ballroom Academy. We will work with you to set up dance lessons and/or performances to suit all your special needs. Whether you want to give the gift of dance to your wedding party or to all of your guests, we will design the perfect dance experience for

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West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing Dance Classes are offered by iDance Studio for all ages and skill level. Our intent at iDance Studio is to ensure that all our students have a wonderful experience in our classes as well as the opportunity to find joy in the art of dance.

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Harpe's Dance Inc. Logo


Swing Dance Classes are offered by Harpe's Dance Inc for all ages and skill level. Bring fun and excitement to your life with an introduction to dancing at Harpe's Dance Inc. It is the investment in yourself that is truly rewarding.

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The Viscount Dance Studio Logo

Swing (Beginner)

New to Swing dancing? Been to a few drop-in lessons around town and looking for more? This is the class for you! It’s designed as a 3-month series (taken in no particular order), each month-long session focusing on a slightly different aspect of what makes this dance so great.

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Academy Ballroom Logo


Fun and flirty, this rhythm dance began in African – American communities in the 1920s–1940s centered at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem. Named after the swinging style of jazz music which inspired the dance, Swing is an upbeat dance with quick triple-step movements and a bouncy vigor

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Century Ballroom Logo

Intro To Swing

Learn the basic rhythms and movements of Lindy Hop, including 8 count and 6 count rhythms, swing out variations, and the history of this great dance. No dance experience required.

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Latin style includes such dances as Swing, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Samba, Cha Cha, and Rumba. These energetic dances are a great source of cardio. They will allow you to improve your physical shape by enjoying the dynamic rhythms.

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Valeo Dance and Fitness Studio Logo

Foxtrot and Swing

Foxtrot and Swing Combo is the perfect package for you, especially if you like Frank Sinatra music. Classy, lighthearted, rhythmical and elegant - basics of these two dances can save you at any wedding, dance event or classy social function. Each session is 1 hour.

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Race Dance Collective Logo

Swing Dance

We Offer Swing Dance classes of all levels and styles geared towards adults and teenagers that are looking to begin, sustain, or revisit their love for dance. To ignite social awareness and change through dance performance, education, and community engagement.

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Dance With Joy Studios Logo

WC Swing (Level 1)

This class will explore the basics of west coast swing, touching on connection, rhythm, and the most crucial foundations of the dance. Great for beginners and returning dancers.

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