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American accordionists had an immense influence on world music in the 20th century. From John Kimmel to Guido Deiro, the music industry had seen many musicians that weaved magic with the accordion. This is why accordion classes in the USA have always been in high demand. There are various institutes that offer accordion training to music students. Here’s an overview: 





Hayfield Music

Accordion Lesson


University of North Carolina

B.A - Music

3 Years


Why should I take up accordion training classes in the USA?


  • Strong foundation in music theory and history.
  • Learn from the rich history and legacy of accordionists in the US.
  • Study in best universities in the world to hone your skills as a musician


What is the cost of accordion training classes in the USA?


The cost of accordion classes in the USA range from USD 30 - 60 for private tuitions. 


What is the average duration of accordion classes in the USA?


Typically, accordion training classes in the USA are self-paced, however, a degree program is spread over three years.


What are the famous music institutes that offer accordion classes in the USA?


Here’s a list of some of the famous institutes that offer accordion training courses in the USA: 


1. Hayfield Music, Los Angeles 

2. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

3. University of Maryland, College Park

4. University of Kentucky, Lexington

5. University of Nebraska, Lincoln


What will I learn by taking up accordion classes in the USA?


By taking up accordion classes in the USA, you will learn the following: 


  • How to handle the instrument and understand the different types of accordion, the registers, air buttons, and more.
  • What is standard bass or stradella bass and apply it while playing the instrument.
  • Learn different types of orchestration techniques needed to enhance melodies and compositions. 


What jobs can I get as an Accordion player in the USA?


Post completion of accordion training in the USA, you can take up the following jobs:


  • Independent musician
  • Music manager
  • Background composer
  • Music teacher

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Accordion Lessons is offered by Community Music Center.Community Music Center makes high quality music accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, regardless of financial means. Classes are offered on a sliding scale and some are completely tuition-free.

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This course will teach you how to play an original Celtic Irish Reel. Gerry will show you how to play the tune step by step from playing both hands individually to putting the piece together.

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