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Course Fees : $10 to $630

Looking for Clarinet classes in the US?


Here’s a table of different clarinet classes with prices and duration in the US:






Berklee College of music

Clarinet Choir

1 Year


DePaul School of Music

Master’s and certificate programs




Why take Clarinet classes in the USA?


Taking up clarinet classes in the USA has the following advantages:

  • Clarinets were present in the American orchestras since the 18th century and therefore the woodwind instrument had a strong influence on American music. Even today symphony orchestras in the USA hire clarinetists and the demand is not fading soon. This is why taking up clarinet classes in the USA can be a step in the right direction.
  • Get the opportunity to study in the best music colleges in the world. 
  • Learn from the rich history of the instrument and the legacy it has left. 
  • Chances of performing in orchestra and bands to enhance your music abilities. 


What is the duration of clarinet classes in the USA?


The average duration of clarinet classes in the USA depends on the institute chosen. For example, a Clarinet Choir program at Berklee College of music is one year long. 


What is the cost of clarinet classes in the USA?


The average duration of clarinet classes varies from institute to the other. Typically, a postgraduate program takes two years to complete. 


What are the Top Music schools with clarinet courses in the USA?


Here’s a list of institutes that offer clarinet training classes in the US: 


1. Berklee College of music, Boston

2. DePaul School of Music, Chicago

3. Brooklyn College, New York

4. Marshall University, Huntington


What will I learn by taking up clarinet classes in the USA?


By taking up clarinet classes in the USA, you will learn the following: 


  • Synthesize and practice artistic practices associated with the clarinet
  • Perform music in the contemporary style
  • Develop the ability to perform in varied contemporary music settings
  • Apply technology to record and distribute music


What jobs can I get as a clarinetist in the USA?


After completing clarinet training in the USA, you will be able to take up the following jobs: 


  • Music Director
  • Independent Artist
  • Professional Clarinetist in Orchestra
  • Clarinet Instructor

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Showing Courses 1 - 10

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