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Drum classes in the USA are the most sought after courses in the USA. Drums have a prominent role in the whole history of music. Music did start with percussion instruments and it dates back to before the first civilization.


Some of the famous drummers in the USA are:


  • John Bonham
  • Clyde Stubblefield
  • Charlie Watts
  • Keith Moon
  • Sheila E
  • Josh Freese


Why take Drum classes in the USA?


Listed below are a few reasons on why one should learn Drum classes in the USA:


  • Today the drums have become an ingenious part of a rock or jazz band making in the US and it is an indispensable and popular instrument in the music world.
  • Drums in the US were used for practical purposes. It was a means to gather a huge crowd in order to communicate and was highly prevalent in the military. It has also been part of religious rituals.
  • Drums involve the usage of hands and legs at the same time. Hence learning drums helps your coordination and improves your motor skills
  • Learning drums helps highly in the professional front. The growth of a musician can be swift by learning drums as it gives you an opportunity to be part of a gang or perform solo.
  • Drums are one of the most natural instruments one can learn and hence it is the right instrument to start a musical journey.
  • Drums are of many types, size and shapes. Hence learning drums gives you an opportunity to try various other forms of drums and percussion instruments in general.


What is the cost of Drum classes in the USA?


Listed below is the cost of Drum classes in the USA,




BANG - The Drum School

$319 for 8 hours

Seattle Drums School

$300 per month

Donn Bennett Drum Studios

$300 per month

Dynamic Drums School

$220 per month


What is the average duration of Drum classes in the USA?


The Duration of Drum classes in the USA is generally conducted on a monthly basis with a duration of 30, 45 and 60 minutes for every session. 


What are the Top Drum class providers in the USA?


The most famous institutes that offer Drum classes in the USA are: 


1. BANG - The Drum School, New York

2. Seattle Drums School, Georgetown

3. Donn Bennett Drum Studios, Bellevue

4. Dynamic Drums School, Orange County

5. MI College of Contemporary Music,  Hollywood

6. The New School of Jazz, New York 


What will I learn by taking Drum classes in the USA?


Drum classes in the USA primarily teach the following concepts:

  • Hand Technique
  • Foot Technique
  • Reading Music (reading rhythmic notation)
  • Independence
  • Style/Genre
  • Vocabulary/Fills
  • Beats/Grooves
  • Multi-Limbed Interdependence
  • Musicality


What jobs can I get as a Drummer in the USA?


The career choices one can choose upon completing the Drum classes in the USA:


  • Teaching
  • Music Directors and Composers
  • Playing in concerts Solo
  • Bands and orchestras
  • Work in the recording studios
  • Manage music events
  • Musicians and Singers
  • Sound Engineering Technicians

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The Collective Logo


Here at the collective, we are dedicated to teaching you to become the drummer everyone wants to play with. You can develop the skills to play with anyone, at any venue, in any style. That’s why we exist: to prepare you to work as a professional musician. Our method works! We’ve been one of the...

Institute by The Collective [ Claim Listing ]
Atlanta School of Musical Arts Logo

Drum Lessons

Drum lessons are offered for aged 6 and up. Our drum instructors teach Rock, Pop, Metal, Jazz, Funk, Blues and many other styles. Drum language can be complex and our instructors will challenge any drummer with a wide variety of technical exercises designed to improve your speed and comfort

Institute by Atlanta School of Musical Arts [ Claim Listing ]
Eclectic Music Logo

Drums Lessons

Drums Lessons are offered by Eclectic Music. Our first step is choosing to work with versatile, experienced, personable teachers for whom music education is a priority. The very best teachers have established procedures that ensure success, yet they can adapt their approach to suit an individual...

Institute by Eclectic Music [ Claim Listing ]

The Music Studio Atlanta Logo

Drum lessons

Drum lessons develop coordination, focus, and confidence – they’re also a great outlet for high energy or sports minded kids! We begin with the foundation and in no time, students find their own style and move into more advanced drumming

Institute by The Music Studio Atlanta [ Claim Listing ]
Highland Music Studio Logo

Drums Lesson

Begin learning the foundations of music (steady beat, rhythm, note reading) from day 1 so they are prepared to learn any musical genre they desire.

Institute by Highland Music Studio [ Claim Listing ]
School of Rock Atlanta Logo

Drum Lessons

Through private drum lessons, group rehearsals, and live performances, students will learn introductory rudiments to drum fills and solos.

Institute by School of Rock Atlanta [ Claim Listing ]
Guitar Shed Logo

Drum Lessons (ages 10+)

Drum lessons from Guitar Shed put you in the lesson room with some of the most talented drum teachers in Atlanta. Percussion has been central in our experience and expression of music through the ages, so it’s no wonder the drumset is the rhythmic backbone of modern popular music.

Institute by Guitar Shed [ Claim Listing ]

Austin School of Music Logo


Drums Classes are offered by Austin School of Music

Institute by Austin School of Music [ Claim Listing ]
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Drum Lessons

Since we know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to learning, we offer several options for drum lessons Austin

Institute by Lone Star School of Music [ Claim Listing ]
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