Ghatam is one of the oldest percussion instruments. It originated from South India. As more students are developing an interest in the field of arts and music, they are looking for training courses in playing different instruments. 


Ghatam classes in the US are one of many such training courses being provided to budding performers. A number of details must be taken into account before you apply for Ghatam Classes in the US. They have been entailed in this article. 


Why you should learn Ghatam classes in the US?


Officially, there are very few colleges that actually provide Ghatam classes in the US, there are a number of online programs. These online programs cater to your music needs, they cover the history and theory behind the beats you will learn; you get disciplined hours of practice. 


Practical as well as theory exams are held so that you are an expert in the field. The teachers are quite talented and make sure you understand the syllabus modules with ease. 


What is the cost of Ghatam classes in the US?


Ghatam classes in the US are not available. Although, you can hire a Ghatam personal trainer in very few regions of the USA, based on the availability of the trainers. 


These trainers can be found through the various music institutions in the country like The Juilliard School, New England Conservatory of Music, etc., who have a vast portfolio of connections and can get you in touch with a trainer, if available in the country.


The average fee of these personal training sessions can fall anywhere from between $60 to $150 per month.


What is the average duration of Ghatam classes in the US?


 The average duration of Ghatam classes in the US ranges approximately from fifty weeks to fifty-two weeks.  


What are the most famous Ghatam classes in the US?


Ghatam classes in the US are not available as of yet in the country, apart from the rare personal trainers for the instrument.


However, 2 institutions offer specialized classes, if requested, for Ghatam training in the USA, which are mentioned below:


1. San Francisco Conservatory Of Music

2. Berklee College of Music


What will I learn by taking Ghatam classes in the US?


The syllabus, though rigorous, is divided into different modules that will ease the learning. These are the things you learn if you take Ghatam classes in the US:


  • Carnatic Percussion- Ghatam
  • Rhythm Techniques
  • Devotional Drumming
  • Cross- musical composition
  • History and Cultural Importance of Ghatam 
  • Theory and Fundamentals of the instrument
  • Aadhi Thalam lessons
  • Mohara and Korvai lessons
  • Reciting techniques


What jobs can I get by taking Ghatam classes in the US?


Once you complete your Ghatam classes in the US, you can apply for various jobs. These are some jobs you can get:


  • Ghatam Teacher
  • Percussion consultant for School/University classical music concerts
  • Professional Ghatam musician
  • Carnatic Music Orchestra member

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