Top 10 Musical Theatre Lessons in USA |


Course Fees : $5 to $400

Planning to join a Musical Theatre class in the US?


Here’s an overview of musical theatre courses in the USA: 






University of Cincinnati

BFA - Musical Theatre


3 Years


New York University


3 Years

USD 43962


What are the Top Musical Theatres in the USA?


Here’s a list of universities that offer musical theatre courses in the US: 


1. University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati

2. Tisch School of Arts, NYU, New York

3. Penn State School of Theatre, University Park, Penn

4. Elon University, Elon 


What is the duration of Musical Theatre classes in the USA?


The duration of musical theatre courses in the US varies from one institute to the other and per the type of course chosen. Typically, an undergraduate program in musical theatre takes three years to complete. 


What is the cost of a Musical Theatre course in the USA?


The cost of musical theatre courses in the US depends on the type of course and the university chosen. For example, a BFA program at New York University costs USD 43962. 


Why take musical theatre classes in the US?


Taking up a musical theatre course in the US has the following benefits: 


  • Musical theatre has been popular in the US since the eighteenth century and it still is a well-recognized and appreciated art form. This is evident from the popularity of the recent hip hop Broadway musical Hamilton. This is why pursuing a musical theatre course in the USA is an extremely good option.


  • There are world-renowned institutions in the US that are known for providing best-in-class training.


  • Learn in a creativity-thirsty environment that ensures a great learning experience.


  • Get opportunities to showcase your talent in front of agents, directors, and choreographers. 


What will I learn from a Musical Theatre in the US?


Here are the learning outcomes of a musical theatre course in the USA: 


  • Get artistic and intellectual know-how of musical theatre including the practices of dance, acting, and singing.
  • Study of history, theory, and practice of human performance.
  • Get hands-on training in acting, dance, musical theatre direction, and theatrical production.


What jobs can I get as a Musical Theatre artist in the US?


After completing a musical theatre in the US, you can take up the following jobs: 


  • Production Assistant in a Theatre Troupe
  • Director of Musical Theatre Conservatory
  • Musical Theatre Professor/Lecturer in a college
  • Theatre Artist

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