Top 10 Piano Lessons in USA |


Course Fees : $25 to $1950

Planning to learn Piano in the US?


According to Los Angeles Times, “the piano has been the center of many American homes for generations, not only a proclamation of a love of music but also often a statement about striving for success.”


What are Top Piano classes in the USA?


The most famous institutes that offer Piano training classes in the USA  are: 


1. Piano Lessons NYC, New York

2. Sessions Music, Houston

3. Kansas City Piano Lessons, Kansas

4. Lindeblad School of Music, New Jersey

5. Amanda's Piano Studio, Orem



What is the cost of Piano classes in the USA?


The Cost of Piano classes in the USA from a few popular music schools are as follows:




Piano Lessons  NYC

$85 per hour

Sessions Music

$145 for 30 minutes

Kansas City Piano Lessons

$80 for 30 minutes

Lindeblad School of Music

$400 per hour(Monthly)

Amanda's Piano Studio

$160 per hour(Monthly)



What is the duration of Piano classes in the USA?


The Piano classes in the USA are conducted on a monthly basis. The length of the class for all levels is 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes respectively.



Why learn to play Piano in the USA?


Listed below are the reasons why one should take Piano classes in the USA


  • The piano has been listed as the most popular instrument in the USA, opening opportunities to learn and teach
  • The piano has evolved since the time it was invented. In the 19th century mass production of Piano started making it affordable and made many people have in their homes. Hence learning Piano has turned into a tradition in many American homes.
  • Playing the Piano is very fulfilling the piano is a more fulfilling instrument to play than others
  • The  fundamental concepts of music theory are easier compared to other instruments
  • Piano student can successfully transition to any instrument that they would like to learn
  • A pianist  will have many opportunities to also be an accompanist
  • One can play many different genres of music on the piano


What will I learn from a Piano course in the USA?


Piano training classes in the USA course syllabus includes:

  • Music Theory
  • Sight Reading
  • Solfege
  • Musicianship
  • Exam Preparation 


What jobs can I get as a Pianist in the USA?


Various Job opportunities post Piano classes in the USA are:


  • Teaching
  • Work in the recording studios
  • Manage music events
  • Write music-related articles
  • Playing in concerts Solo
  • Bands and orchestras
  • Film Music composition
  • Produce music for Tv Commercials and Jingles
  • Church Musician
  • Wedding Musician