Planning to learn Saxophone in the US?


Here is a table of Saxophone classes in the US along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

Texas Guitarville




1 month $160,

3 months $130/each month

The Dallas School of Music

Dallas Texas

Soprano Saxophone


30 min/$160 monthly 60 min/$320 monthly

Chicago School of Music


Private Sax Lessons


30min: 16 wk/$625 

1-hr: 16 wk/$1230 8 wk/$645

Old Town School of Music



8 weeks

30min/$296  60min/$544

Kendall Conservatory of Music


Woodwind Saxophone

Session wise

1/2 hour/$24  


Willan Academy




30min/$50 per month/class 

60min/$88 per month/class

Jammin Music



Session wise

$35/half hour, $65/hour




Session wise

30min/$25 4classes/$125

Boston School of Music


Saxophone lessons


30-min/$169 per month 60-min/$339 per month  

John Payne Music Center



Session wise

$40/30 min $80/1hour


What are the Top Saxophone schools in the US?


1. Dallas School of Music, Dallas Texas

2. Texas Guitarville, Texas

3. Kendall, Miami Florida

4. Chicago School of Music, Chicago

5. Willan Academy, New York

6. Jammin Music, California

7. Musicology, California

8. Boston School of Music, Boston

9. John Payne Music Center, Massachusetts

10. Red Pelican Music, Los Angeles


What is the cost of Saxophone classes in the US?


Classes are offered per session,monthly and quarterly.Per session classes have an average cost price of $25-$40 for 30 minutes and $50-$80 for an hour.Monthly classes range from $100-$160 for 30 min session and $300 - $350 for 1 hour classes.


What is the duration of Saxophone classes in the US?


Classes have duration of 30 minutes,45 minutes,1 hour and 1 month.Some classes extend to 2 months and 4 months depending on the type of classes


What is the salary of a Saxophone Music Teacher in the US?


Music Teacher Salaries in United States is $43,740/yr.



57 course(s) offered by institutes in USA
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Atlanta School of Musical Arts Logo

Saxophone Lessons

Lessons on Woodwind and Brass instruments are offered for aged 8 and up.Our saxophone and trumpet teachers teach a variety of styles from Jazz to popular music. Not all band directors have the chance to work with every individual student in school bands

Institute by Atlanta School of Musical Arts [ Claim Listing ]
Eclectic Music Logo

Saxophone Lessons

Saxophone lessons are offered by Eclectic Music. Our first step is choosing to work with versatile, experienced, personable teachers for whom music education is a priority. The very best teachers have established procedures that ensure success, yet they can adapt their approach to suit an indivi...

Institute by Eclectic Music [ Claim Listing ]
The Music Studio Atlanta Logo


Clarinet Lessons are offered by The Music Studio Atlanta.

Cheapest Institute by The Music Studio Atlanta [ Claim Listing ]

Out Of This World Music School Logo


Saxophone Lessons are offered by Out Of This World Music School

Institute by Out Of This World Music School [ Claim Listing ]
Page Music Lessons Logo

Saxophone Lessons

Page Music Lessons delivers high caliber, private saxophone lessons in Boston, with highly experienced saxophone instructors who love music and love to teach

Institute by Page Music Lessons [ Claim Listing ]
Southern Park Music School Logo


Generally the child needs to be able to support the weight of the instrument with a neck strap, and be able to reach all the keys comfortably. Most children can do this by around 5th grade. If the child is ready before this age, great

Institute by Southern Park Music School [ Claim Listing ]
Charlotte Academy of Music Logo

Saxophone Lessons

If you want the complexity of a classical instrument with the expressiveness of a non-classical instrument, saxophone may be a good fit for you! Primarily considered a jazz instrument, the saxophone is often featured in band and orchestra ensembles

Cheapest Institute by Charlotte Academy of Music [ Claim Listing ]

The Chicago School of Music Logo

Saxophone Lessons

The saxophone, flute and clarinet are popular instruments of choice for students in school programs, which have band or orchestral programs.  Many of those programs only offer group lessons that don't give the student a chance to really excel and get past the beginner stage of learning.  They als...

Cheapest Institute by The Chicago School of Music [ Claim Listing ]
Northside Music Academy Logo

Saxophone Lessons

The clarinet and saxophone instructors at Northside Music Academy will create a personalized program based on each student’s developmental stage, personal characteristics, and goals. The program will cover elements of proper technique, music notation and theory, aural skills, sight-reading

Institute by Northside Music Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Chicago Center for Music Education Logo


Saxophone Lessons are offered by Chicago Center for Music Education

Institute by Chicago Center for Music Education [ Claim Listing ]
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