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Veena course in the US has been on the rise for quite some time now. There are various Institutions providing effective and affordable Veena courses taught in a methodical way. Learning a string instrument benefits you in various ways.


This article aims to give you ample information about Veena courses in the US:


Course offered


Swarganga School of Indian Classical Music 

Veena classes

6-12 months

American Academy of Indian Classical Music

Veena classes

6-12 months

Geetha Vidyalaya

Veena classes

6-12 months


What are the Best Veena trainers in the US?


The most famous institutes and universities offering Veena courses in the US are: 


1. American Academy of Indian Classical Music, New York

2. SwarGanga School of Indian Classical Music, Georgia

3. Geetha Vidyalaya, Fernald St, Fre­mont
4. Subhashini Gunapu, Santa Clara, Cali­fornia

5. Lakshmi Jagadish, Sacramento
6. M.C. Jyothi,Fremont
7. Divya Sesidhar, Jacksonville, Florida

In addition to these, there are several online courses available for Veena courses in the US.


Why learn Veena in the US?


Veena courses in the US are designed in such a way so that students are introduced to the basics of music theory in the beginning of the course. Veena is an Indian Classical music instrument.


What is the duration of Veena classes in the US?


The average duration of Veena course in the US depends on where the students opt to pursue the course. If students opt for a full-time course in a university then the average duration will be that of 2 to 3 years.


Part-time classes from music schools can span from 6 months to a year, this can be moulded according to the students’ preferences. It might take students years of rigorous training to master the instrument.

What will I learn in Veena classes in the US?

Veena courses in the US consist of several musical genres, after learning the basics of music theory students can choose any of the specializations  listed below:

  • Beginner Carnatic Veena Course: Focuses on teaching the students to play the fundamentals of carnatic music upto the Geetham and Swarajathis
  • Intermediate Carnatic Veena Course: Training the students to play Aadhi thala and Ata thala varnams in different speeds and Intermediate level Krithis on the veena.
  • Advanced Carnatic Veena: In depth Carnatic veena training that includes playing complex varnams in different speeds, advanced level krithis (including 1 Pancharathna Krithi) and techniques to achieve dexterity over the instrument. This course also focuses on Kalpana swara training and Raaga Aalapana training. 


What jobs can I get as a Veena player in the US?


Students can opt for the following career options after pursuing  Veena courses in the US: 


  • Start a successful cover band
  • Professional songwriter for television and movies
  • Work as a studio/session Veenaist
  • Play in a backing band
  • Start a business teaching Veena
  • Freelance Veenaist
  • Veena teacher at a school or university
  • Music composer
  • Musical Therapy Aid

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