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Course Fees : $26.25 to $680

Looking for Violin classes in the US?


The music instrument is the backbone of various music genres such as jazz, blues and country.


Here’s a glimpse of violin classes in the US: 






Berklee School of Music

Workshops and events



Northwestern University

Master of Music - Violin

2 Years

USD 81207


Why should I take up Violin classes in the US?


This is why you should take up violin lessons in the US: 


  • The US has a long history associated with the violin and its popularity has cut through racial, economic, and regional boundaries.


  • The US has some of the best institutes in the world that offer violin courses for music students. 


  • The institutes in the US offer the most diverse and contemporary courses that help you attain mastery over the instrument, which makes one of the reasons to learn violin from here.


  • You can learn a variety of music styles in the US that will help you become a versatile musician.


What is the average duration of Violin classes in the US?


The duration of violin courses in the US depends on the type of course and the institute chosen. For example, a master’s program at Northwestern University takes two years to complete. 


What is the average cost of Violin classes in the US?


The cost of violin Courses in the US too depends on the course and the institute chosen. For example, the Master of Music program at Northwestern University costs USD 81207.


What are the famous music schools offering violin classes in the US?


Some of the famous institutes offering violin courses in the US are listed below: 


1. Berklee School of Music, Boston

2. Northwestern University, Evanston

3. USC Thornton School of Music, Los Angeles

4. New England Conservatory, Boston

5. Rice University Shepherd School of Music, Houston


What will I learn by taking up violin courses in the US?


By taking up violin courses in the US, you will: 


  • Learn how to use the traditional acoustic instrument in a non-traditional way. 
  • Combine musical ideas from jazz, blues, soul, and others with a non-conventional approach.
  • Study arranging and instrumentation as well as idiomatic improvisation techniques. 


What jobs can I get as a violinist in the US?


Post completion of a violin course in the USA, you will be eligible for the following jobs: 


  • Violin instructor/teacher
  • Professional violinist for musical theatres
  • Professional violinist for music studios/orchestras
  • Music composer

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