Top 10 Eyelash Extension Courses in USA |


If you are a lash artist or student who is considering to open up your own lash shop then you might want to think about completing a good lash extension course before taking that step.


Although the eyelash extension industry is booming in the USA, which means that there are countless opportunities for you to run a smooth business. But the real world requires professionalism and certification which can only be achieved by completing authentic eyelash extension classes or courses in the USA.


According to a recent report from ABC News, the rate at which the lash extension industry is growing we can estimate that the market will grow by $1.5 billion in the coming 5 years for the lash product alone.


This is because makeup bloggers and influencers like Huda Beauty, James Charles, Nikkie Tutorials and thousands of others on Instagram cannot go a single day without applying false eyelashes. The solution these influencers have found is simple, lash extensions!


In order to get fully trained in the United States of America on lash extensions, you have to make sure that you are getting the right training. This can only be done if you have access to all the famous lash extension classes and courses in a single list. 


You can choose the lash extension training academy that suits you in every way. Keeping in mind factors like affordability, convenience, distance and standard, you are going to enjoy hundreds of options in joining the lash extension courses that are most suitable to you.


According to another ABC News Report, the thriving lash industry has been booming since the past decade and typically 75 percent of lash experts or artists earn around $50,000 per year in the USA. 


The observation goes on as 25 percent of these people have been working in the lash extension industry for over five years. You will be surprised to know that 80 percent of these experts have responded that they are either satisfied or very satisfied with their work experience as a lash extension expert in USA. 63 percent of these experts have claimed that they are earning the exact salary they were expecting.


This means that there is more room of chances for you to become a successful lash extension expert in the USA! With the right training and courses on eyelash extensions, you can easily secure a good spot in the lash extension industry of America. 


You can also join famous salons like The Lash Loft in New York, US Nails Eyelash Extension and Spa in Huntington, LASHES on 5th in New York and Ebenezer Eyelash Extension in New York.


You can also join any lash extension academy to improve your skills as a lash extension expert such as NW Eyelash Extension Training Center in Salem, Lash Stuff Training Center in Ogden and LashBrow Center in Wilton.


The price range of eyelash extension courses in the United States of America is anywhere between $350 to $2,500 or less. 


So start your lash extension course today and avail great opportunities to become a lash extension expert in future! Have a look at all the lash extension courses and classes that are available all across the USA.

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