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If you are interested in skincare and want to take it to the next level but don’t have the right training to do so, then you have landed in the right place. The list we have compiled for you below will tell you about some of the best facial courses that are available in the United States of America.


Turns out that just like makeup, skincare is going places too. You can enrol today in an accredited facialist program that will tell you all about the different types of facials that are trendy in the market. Doing a facial course will then lead you to complete a diploma in skincare or achieve a certificate.


There are many facial training academies built all across the United States that have a good reputation and are recognized all over the world. These facial training academies include California Beauty College in Modesto, California, Universal Spa Training Academy where you can have the most relaxing facial of your life in Downers Grove and Beauty Schools of America located in Miami.


You can get affordable facial courses in the USA starting from $35.74 that include around sixteen lectures, one lecture for the duration of one and a half ours suitable for ultimate dry and ageing skin. The price of these facial courses can go up to $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the quality of the course you are going to choose.


Typically, the price tag of facial training and courses in the United States of America depends on several factors like the length or program, the training hours that are required, expertise, experience and most of all, location.


According to Money.usnews, on average, skincare or facial specialist can earn up to $16.89 per hour. This amount may vary depending on your experience as a facial expert as well as your certification and education in esthetics.


The annual salary of a facial specialist has been observed to be around $42,596 according to ZipRecruiter. This means that by training as a facial specialist, you can start earning a great income in no time!


The list below is a collection of hundreds and thousands of facial training and courses that are available all across the United States of America.


You will learn many things if you start your facial course in America today. You will be able to analyze different types of skin, you will get a good grip of deep cleansing and steaming the skin – what temperature you should be using according to the skin type and so on. You will also learn all about making different face masks that will be designed for the skin types as it is a key factor in facial treatment.


You will learn how to do neck, face and shoulder massage as it benefits the skin just as equally as the products do.


By mastering these essential factors when it comes to learning how to do facial, soon you will be hired by renowned facial salons available in different parts of America.


So what are you waiting for? Open up the list below and select the facial courses in the USA that are most convenient for you according to your location and budget!

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