Planning to learn Badminton in Canada?


Here is a table of Badminton courses in Canada with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

Elite Badminton


Beginner Badminton

1 hour

CAD$25 per hour

Lee’s Badminton



Class Wise

CAD$249.73 for 13 classes

Can Badminton Academy


Adult Badminton Class

1 hour


KC Badminton Club


Junior Badminton

1 hour

CAD$50 per private session

Fernando's Youth badminton Academy





Drive Badminton Center



1 hour

CAD$7.00 per drop in session

Mandarin Badminton Club


Junior Beginner

40 days


E Badminton Center


Ladies Group Session

Session wise

CAD$350 for 10 lessons

Ontario Badminton Academy



1 hours

CAD$30 / Class

Soong Badminton Academy






Top Badminton in Canada


1. Elite Badminton, Vaughan

2. Lee’s Badminton, Markham

3. Can Badminton Academy, North York, Toronto

4. KC Badminton Club, Kitchener

5. Fernando's Youth Badminton Academy, Orangeville

6. Drive Badminton Center, Richmond

7. Mandarin Badminton Club, Markham

8. E Badminton Center, Markham

9. Ontario Badminton Academy, Markham

10. Soong Badminton Academy, Ottawa


Cost of Badminton courses in Canada


The average cost price of the course is $CAD7 - $CAD350


Duration of Badminton courses in Canada


The average duration of the course is 1 hour per session or 40 days


Salary of a Badminton Coach in Canada


The average Badminton Coach hourly pay in Canada is approximately $30.00

25 course(s) offered by institutes in Canada
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Club Atwater Logo


Our unique Badminton Program is the ideal membership for players looking to bring their game to the next level with one-on-one coaching.

Cheapest Institute by Club Atwater [ Claim Listing ]
Can Badminton Academy Logo

Badminton Training (Adult)

Badminton training is offered by Can Badminton Academy for adults. Can Badminton Academy (CBA) provides coaching for individual shutters, teams, and coaches of various ages and experience levels. 

Cheapest Institute by Can Badminton Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Epic Sports Badminton Logo

Team 1 (High Performance)

Competing for provincial and national tournaments. High intensity training for committed players competing in high performance level and above.

Cheapest Institute by Epic Sports Badminton [ Claim Listing ]

The Badminton & Racquet Club of Toronto Logo


With national standard courts, the Badminton Hall remains the historic centre of the Club. Badminton launched the B&R in 1924 and the Club has since produced numerous champions and top players, including Olympic competitors.

Cheapest Institute by The Badminton & Racquet Club of Toronto [ Claim Listing ]
Commander Badminton Logo


Badminton training is offered by Commander Badminton for all ages and skill level. We want to ensure all our our players to enjoy their game and have fun! Whether you are seasonal or professional badminton player, we welcome you to join our club.

Cheapest Institute by Commander Badminton [ Claim Listing ]
Progression Badminton Club Logo

Badminton Training

Badminton training is offered by Progression Badminton Club for juniors of all skill level. Accepting students at all ages at all levels, the pbc professional badminton coaching team have designed programs for both the recreational minded player.

Cheapest Institute by Progression Badminton Club [ Claim Listing ]
Mandarin Badminton Logo

Badminton Training

Badminton training is offered by Mandarin Badminton for all skill level. Mandarin Badminton is dedicated to the promotion of badminton as a competitive and a spectator sport.

Institute by Mandarin Badminton [ Claim Listing ]

Etobicoke Junior Badminton Club Logo

Badminton Training

Badminton training is offered by Etobicoke Junior Badminton Club for all skill level. There is a progression of strokes, footwork movements, drills and tactics to learn throughout the season.  In order to progress in the sport, you need to participate on a regular basis. 

Cheapest Institute by Etobicoke Junior Badminton Club [ Claim Listing ]
Ontario Badminton Academy Logo

Badminton Training (Intermediate)

Badminton training is offered by Ontario Badminton Academy for intemdiate level. Opportunities to join our team programs after the completion of class programs may arise. 

Cheapest Institute by Ontario Badminton Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Canada Elite Badminton and Sports Logo

Badminton Training

Badminton training is offered by Canada Elite Badminton and Sports for all skill level. 

Cheapest Institute by Canada Elite Badminton and Sports [ Claim Listing ]
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