New Grade 9 Math Curriculum revealed for Ontario Province, Canada

New Grade 9 Math Curriculum revealed for Ontario Province, Canada

A revised curriculum for Grade 9 Math Subject has been revealed that will take effect in the fall will help set students up for success. Ontario Minister of Education Stephen Lecce announced that the practice of "streaming” has been eliminated where students had to decide between "academic" or "applied" courses. 

As per the new curriculum, students will be involved with more real-life applications of the subject that will include lessons on financial literacy and coding.


‘The world has changed, the economy has changed, the job market has changed and so should the curriculum that informs and inspires your child’, he said.


The previous practice where Students were streamed into "academic" or "applied" math courses in Grade 9 was believed to be discriminatory. English and French versions of the course will also be the same, while "respecting cultural and language differences," according to provincial documents.


The focus will be shifted towards helping students acquire coding and financial literacy that will encompass important concepts such as understanding the appreciation and depreciation of assets or budgeting based on occurring changes in circumstances. The course is part of a four-year government plan to change mathematics education in Ontario. The plan was originally revealed in July 2020 to end this practice. 

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