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Emilie S

The 2024 ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Masterclass ( no-code )

Escape beginner mode and get the best out of ChatGPT by mastering prompts and learning the ways GPT can help you daily

Online by Emilie S
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LaSalle College | Montreal Logo

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

During this program, students will develop key skills that match the technical needs of the AI industries

Cheapest by LaSalle College | Montreal [ Claim Listing ]

Le Wagon Logo

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an innovative and versatile field that enables machines to mimic human intelligence. It's applicable in numerous sectors like healthcare, finance, and entertainment, significantly impacting how we live and work.

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Stem Minds Logo

AI Art (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence has continued to become more and more sophisticated from social media to search engines to auto correct, we have made a lot of progress in behaviour prediction.

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NAD School Logo

Intro To CGI In Artificial Intelligence (Bespoke Learning)

Discovering Artificial Intelligence (AI) within Computer Generated Imaging (CGI). Understanding the theoretical aspects and the ongoing research. Integrating AI into daily creative work, visual creations, architecture, design and art. Exploring the AI ??universe.

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Commander Badminton Logo

Certificate in AI Proficiency

This four-course program is designed to provide a practical understanding of AI and help students develop critical skills in AI literacy.

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ON-TRACK Corporate Training Ltd Logo

ChatGPT and AI

This course provides a thorough exploration of ChatGPT and AI which will help users gain a basic understanding of both software’s. Group discussions and hands-on activities help the user understand more about the software and become familiar and confident with using it.

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NSCC (Nova Scotia Community College) Logo

IT Programming for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Learn the most important tools used in one of the most exciting fields of programming today. The growing field of AI helps increase organizational efficiency and productivity and is being adopted by every major sector, including health, manufacturing, transportation, and more.

by NSCC (Nova Scotia Community College) [ Claim Listing ]
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New Horizons Computer Learning Centre of Toronto Logo

Programming & Development Training

New Horizons offers an extensive suite of computer programming and development courses that challenge programmers at all levels to expand their technical knowledge and expertise to meet the demands of today’s organizations.

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Canadian College of Business, Science and Technology (CCBST) Logo

Artificial Intelligence Diploma Program

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the personal and professional lives of people all over the world. AI refers to the development of computer systems that can perform tasks usually requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, and even decision-making.

Cheapest by Canadian College of Business, Science and Technology (CCBST) [ Claim Listing ]
CPA Alberta Logo

Artificial Intelligence For Accounting And Financial Professionals

The term AI (artificial intelligence) seems to be part of every product or service description today. This course will define AI and its impact on accounting and workflow in today’s modern office.

by CPA Alberta [ Claim Listing ]
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Showing Courses 1 - 10

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