ChatGPT and AI

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This course provides a thorough exploration of ChatGPT and AI which will help users gain a basic understanding of both software’s. Group discussions and hands-on activities help the user understand more about the software and become familiar and confident with using it.

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1 Day

Course Details

This course provides a thorough exploration of ChatGPT and AI, which will help users gain a basic understanding of both software. Group discussions and hands-on activities help the user understand more about the software and become familiar with and confident with using it.



  • Introduction to ChatGPT and AI

  • Addressing Common Misconceptions

  • Defining types of AI

  • Limitations of ChatGPT

  • Introduction to Plugins



  • Strong mouse and keyboard ability



  • Introduction to AI

    • What is AI?

    • Summary of AI Advancements

    • Business Application: Automating Customer Service

    • Lufthansa Case

    • Addressing Common Misconceptions

    • What AI is NOT

    • Business Application: Limitations in Decision-Making

    • Group Discussion: Common Misconceptions

  • How AI Works

    • Basics of AI

    • Definitions

    • Neural Networks

    • Demo: Pizza Classifier

    • Business Application: Tesla Case: Automated Driving

    • Limitations of AI and LLMs

  • Introduction to ChatGPT

    • Definitions: ChatGPT

    • What is ChatGPT?

    • Tokens and Why They Matter

    • Business Application: Contract Review or Creation

    • Tokens for Each Popular Model

    • Quiz: Guess the Token Count

    • OpenAI Account Setup

    • ChatGPT Workspace

    • Activity: Simple Dialogue Creation

    • Context Window

    • Business Application: Draft My Email

    • Limitations of ChatGPT

    • Business Application: Crafting Effective Marketing Messages

  • Advanced ChatGPT - Prompt Engineering

    • What is a Prompt?

    • Input = Output

    • Comparing GPT-3.5 and GPT-4

    • Best Use Cases

    • ChatGPT as a Useful Assistant

    • Prompt Length

    • Building Blocks

    • Prompt Quality

    • Prompt Library (+500 Prompts)

    • Follow-Up Prompts

    • Simulate Conversations

    • Transform Any Text

  • ChatGPT Plugins

    • Introduction to Plugins

    • Business Application: Wolfram Alpha - Mortgage Calculation

    • Hands-On Activity: Using Plugins. 5 Most Useful Plugins

    • Group Review and Feedback

  • ChatGPT-4 and Advanced Data Analysis

    • About Advanced Data Analysis: Brief Intro

    • Business Application: Upload and Get AI to Analyze Your Documents

    • Code Interpreter Demo

    • Business Use Cases

  • Other AI Tools

    • Types of AI: Text, Video, Image, Audio

    • How cloning voice work

    • Cloned voice translation

    • Learn to generate graphics, logos, images.

    • Which AI image generator should you use?

    • Image generation prompt engineering

    • AI video progress

    • Learn how a realistic AI avatar is created.

    • Business Use-Case for Each Type of AI

    • Best Free and Paid AI Tools

    • Where to Find More AI Tools?

    • Multimodal AI

    • How ChatGPT soon will be able to talk, see and write at the same time.

    • How should you use it when it comes out

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    Suite 650 - 609 Granville Street, Vancouver

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