Planning to continue your Academic studies in the US?

The USA has over 4000 universities and colleges that offer a variety of academic courses. Adding more to it, the US-based universities dominate the QS World Rankings, with 5 universities featuring in the top ten. This is why pursuing academic courses in the US is such a desirable, wise, and obvious choice for students. 

Here’s a glimpse of the academic courses in the USA:




Bachelor of Arts - Computer Science

4 Years

USD 53000 for four years


2 Years

USD 72000

Bachelor of Science

3 Years

USD 53000 


Why study in the USA?


The USA is an education magnet that attracts more than 1 million foreign students every year. This is the most by any country in the world and is more than double of what the UK, the second-largest education hub, enrolls.  


Comprising a gamut of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees, here’s why people choose US for higher studies:


  • With an option to settle in the US and acquire citizenship and a well paying job, the US has always been the dream location for young students for their higher education and future.
  • US university degrees are recognized worldwide and have an immense reputation as well.
  • US universities offer a great cultural mix to expand the horizons of foreign students
  • From English training workshop to orientations and training, universities in the US offer excellent support facilities 
  • With optimized classrooms, US universities offer a great learning experience.


What is the cost of studying in the USA?


While a basic Bachelor’s degree can cost as low as USD 5000, a professional course from Ivy league college would cost somewhere around USD 72000.


What is the duration of Degree programs in the USA?


The average duration of taking up Academic courses in The USA is about 3-4 years for a Bachelor’s program whereas a Masters degree takes 1-2 years to complete. 


What are the Top Colleges and Universities in the USA?


Some of the most famous Universities for higher education in the USA are:


1. Princeton University, NJ

2. Harvard University, Cambridge

3. Columbia University, New York

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

5. Yale University, New Haven

6. Stanford University, CA

7. University of Chicago, Illinois

8. University of Pennsylvania, PA

9. Northwestern University, Illinois

10. Duke University, Durham

11. California Institute of Technology, Pasadena

12. University of Notre Dame. Notre Dame

13. Cornell University, NY

14. Washington University, St. Louis

15. University of California, Los Angeles

16. Georgetown University, Washington DC

17. University of Virginia, Virginia

18. New York University, New York


What jobs can I get after completing college in the USA?


After taking up Academic courses in the USA you can take up following jobs respective of the course chosen:


Finance and commerce-related jobs:

  • Chartered Accountant
  • Company Secretary
  • Finance manager
  • Accountant
  • General manager
  •  Professor in the respective field
  •  HR Manager
  •  Certified Financial Analysts
  •  Certified Financial Planner
  •  Economist
  •  Venture Capitalist

 Science stream related jobs:

  •  Engineer
  •  Doctor
  •  Biochemist/ biophysicist
  •  Scientist

 Humanities stream related jobs:

  • Teacher
  •  Advertising
  •  Technical Writer
  •  Counselor
  •  Event manager/organizer
  •  Public relations manager
  •  Journalist
  •  linguist

432 course(s) offered by institutes in USA
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University of San Diego Logo

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering (EE) is a profession that uses science, mathematics, computers and other technology, coupled with problem solving skills, to design, construct and maintain products, services and systems using electricity and electronics.

Cheapest by University of San Diego [ Claim Listing ]
Lamont School of Music Logo

Bachelor of Art in Music

The bachelor of arts in music provides the opportunity to develop your musical skills and performance aspirations while engaging in a curriculum that contains a large component of courses outside of music.

Cheapest by Lamont School of Music [ Claim Listing ]
Oklahoma City University Logo

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

More opportunities for professional nurses exist now than ever before due to the ongoing shortage of Registered Nurses and their expanding roles.

Cheapest by Oklahoma City University [ Claim Listing ]
Leadership Charlotte Logo

Leadership Charlotte: Core Program

The Leadership Charlotte program is for emerging and existing leaders.  It is our flagship program and is considered a “backstage pass” to the Charlotte community.

by Leadership Charlotte [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
  • Location

Crestcom Logo

BPM Leadership Development Program

Crestcom’s signature BPM leadership development program. It provides interactive management training with a results-oriented curriculum and prime networking opportunities.

Cheapest by Crestcom [ Claim Listing ]
The Art Institutes Logo

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design

In this program, you’ll be surrounded and inspired by other talented, creatively driven students. And you’ll be pushed, challenged, and, above all else, supported by experienced faculty*. It’s not a walk in the park. It’s a journey toward doing what you love.

Cheapest by The Art Institutes [ Claim Listing ]

The Salon Professional Academy Logo


An amazing career in high-demand with nearly unlimited opportunities is just waiting for you to take the first step

Cheapest by The Salon Professional Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Georgia State University Logo

Accounting, B.B.A.

The undergraduate accounting program is designed to provide the foundation-level technical and analytical knowledge and skills needed to become a professional in the accounting field and to pursue a fifth (graduate) year of accounting study.

Cheapest by Georgia State University [ Claim Listing ]

The Art Institute Logo

Media Arts & Animation Degree Programs

Media Arts & Animation employers have high expectations, and so do we. Drawing on years of industry experience, our Media Arts & Animation school instructors will push you to go beyond your comfort zone as you explore and experiment with new ideas and techniques.

Cheapest by The Art Institute [ Claim Listing ]
My Coding Place Logo


Welcome to Math in Action, where we seek to answer these questions and many more! What separates Math in Action from your typical math class is we are all about demonstration.

Cheapest by My Coding Place [ Claim Listing ]
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