ITA Certified Tea Courses - Foundations of Chinese Tea

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ITA Certified Tea Course, true insider's tea knowledge of Chinese tea and global international tea industry. Tea Master



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Online #1 ITA Certified Tea Courses - Foundations of Chinese Tea Course by Udemy



  • Important mention: This tea course has covered accurate subtitles to help you understand deep tea knowledge very clear.

  • Anyone in the tea industry or who wants to be in the tea industry will greatly benefit from this best online tea course. Whether you are a tea taster, tea lover, tea blogger, tea business owner, or dream of owning a tea business, this course will give you a true insider's knowledge of Chinese tea and the international tea industry.

  • It is also crucial to understand where your tea comes from, how it is produced, and why it is the way it is. Discover how to support the right kinds of teas from ethical sources. After completing this course, it would be impossible for anyone to take you as a fool again.


This course will cover 5 major parts: 

  • The Origin of Tea 
  • Major Tea Quality Characteristics 
  • Tea Evaluation Methods 
  • Tea Industry Growth 
  • Tea culture and tea with your health 


You may only need one month to complete this course, but it will benefit you in your whole life. Any one of you will discover a new world within this course, there are those of you who want to start a different lifestyle and want a change, you want to earn a living different way, doing something you enjoy, tea.

This best online tea course has a profound knowledge of the tea industry and tea culture of China and will bring into the most special and coolest new healthy living style. 

Once you completed 4 of our online courses, we have prepared world-class Milestone Level - ITA Certified Tea Sommelier Certification for you! In the #4 course, we have a quiz at the end, once your answers reach 60% points, you will pass our quiz, our system will release the certification for you automatically! Each certificate will release its own certification ID that no one can copy from you.


What you'll learn:

  • Upon completion of this course you will be able to identify the major varieties of teas from around the world

  • You will discover the deep inner workings of the tea business arming you with the knowledge to begin your own

  • You will deeply understand the ancient knowledge of tea's healing benefits

  • Upon completion of this course you will be able to properly source your tea. You will be able to properly source without getting ripped off from tea traders, tea farmers and or tea factories.

  • Upon completion of this course you will know how to conduct a proper Chinese tea ceremony



  • We highly suggest you drink teas as you drink teas as you follow along with the course. We recommend Wild Tea Qi teas as I can guarantee the quality of the teas here.

  • Tea tools and teas are not necessary, but will add greatly to your learning experience.


Who this course is for:

  • Whether you are a tea drinker, coffee lover, wine connoisseur you will benefit from this course. Whether you are in the tea business, as a tea shop owner, distributor, blogger, tea master, starting a tea business or have interest in tea, you will greatly benefit from this course.

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  • Shana Zhang
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  • Shana Zhang - ITA Tea Master, Tea Author, Tea Artisan & Tea Hunter - 4.7 Instructor Rating - 1,523 Reviews - 4,989 Students - 4 Courses
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