56 Thai Food Easy Recipe Thai Cooking Classes Eat Like Thai

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Easy to understand and cook, popular Thai Cusine. Thai Cooking Classes that you want to learn to cook for yourself



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Online 56 Thai Food Easy Recipe Thai Cooking Classes Eat Like Thai Course by Udemy


This course will help you to make simple, easy to cook meals that are budget-conscious but delicious. They are the really tasty meals that will become regulars at your family table.

Besides, these recipes are the meals that we eat at home every day in Thailand and some of the dishes are famous street food that the locals eat every day such as Stir-Fried Pork Garlic Pepper, Stir-Fried Minced Pork with Holy Basil Leaves and Thai style Omelet.

In addition, popular dishes like Tom Yum, Pad Thai, Noodles, Tom Kha Gai, Pad See Ew and Thai Curry are also included in the course.

The course is based on a simple concept for creating a good meal plan, easy recipes, and will help you to extend the variety of your weekly meal plan with home cooking recipes of Thai Food.


What you'll learn:

  • Step by step to cook simple Thai food for a balanced diet with detailed recipes which are delicious for your family to enjoy.

  • Use up availability ingredients in your kitchen or local supermarket to create new dishes that you and your family will love.

  • How to use Asian herbs and condiments to prepare everyday Thai home cooked easy recipes.

  • Stock up essential dry ingredients and condiments to compliment fresh food in order to create tasty Thai dishes

  • Store fresh food in the fridge to extend shelf life


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  • Tipyapar Pla Traisombat - Entrepreneur - 4.5 Instructor Rating - 112 Reviews - 14,613 Students - 3 Courses
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