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An Introduction to Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop

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Learn how to get started as a digital painter in Photoshop with Victoria Pavlov! Whether you’ve painted before or are just getting started, this class will give you the foundation you need to add digital painting to your skillset.

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Learn how to get started as a digital painter in Photoshop with Victoria Pavlov! Whether you’ve painted before or are just getting started, this class will give you the foundation you need to add digital painting to your skillset. Victoria guides you through setting up your workspace for painting, organizing your brushes and brush presets, and introduces you to Creative Cloud libraries before diving into the art of painting itself. There are lessons on starting a digital painting from scratch, digital painting for photographers, and tips and techniques for making your paintings more visually interesting and engaging. By the end of the class you’ll be much more comfortable in your digital photography workflow.



  • Lesson 1 : Introduction
  • Lesson 2 : Workspace Organization
  • Lesson 3 : Brush Preset Organization
  • Lesson 4 : Customizing Brushes and Layers
  • Lesson 5 : Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Lesson 6 : Colors Palette
  • Lesson 7 : Digital Painting for Photographers
  • Lesson 8 : Mixer Brush Tips and Tricks
  • Lesson 9 : Digital Painting from Scratch
  • Lesson 10 : How to Use Only One Brush
  • Lesson 11 : Avoid Boring Digital Painting
  • Lesson 12 : Symmetry Painting
  • Lesson 13 : Oil Paint Filter


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  • Teacher's Name
  • Victoria Pavlov
  • Teacher's Experience
  • Victoria was born into a musical family and started practicing music at the age of 3. At age 6 she discovered painting. Victoria spent all of her time in a painting studio to master her craft. At age 14 she had her first big exhibit. She was introduced to the camera by her uncle and to Photoshop by her teacher. Since that time she became “The Photoshop Artist.” A canvas, a camera, a Wacom tablet, and Adobe Photoshop are the clean canvases where she can create her art. One of the biggest passions in her life is using Photoshop.
  • Gender
  • Female
  • Teacher's Nationality
  • N/A
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