Applied Machine Learning Algorithms

by CFI

This course will utilize the knowledge you learned from the Python Fundamentals course to build machine learning investor classifiers.



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Approx 7.0 Hours

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Online Applied Machine Learning Algorithms Course by Cfi


Applied Machine Learning Algorithms Learning Objectives:

This course will demonstrate how machine learning algorithms are used in the finance industry. By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Identify overfit regression models

  • Compare different regularized regression algorithms and decision tree ensemble algorithms

  • Explain the confusion matrix and its relation to the ROC curve

  • Construct training data sets, testing data sets, and model pipelines

  • Perform advanced data cleaning, exploration, and visualization

  • Engineer features based on conditional relationships between existing features

  • Build and finalize a machine learning classifier


Online Applied Machine Learning Algorithms Course by Cfi


Who Should Take This Applied Machine Learning Algorithms Course?

This Applied Machine Learning Algorithms course is for finance professionals who have the foundational knowledge of Python and machine learning. This is an advanced course that applies machine learning to build investor classifiers and solve real problems in the world of finance that are going to advance your career. It is designed for professionals in sales and trading, investment banking, capital markets, asset management, treasury management, corporate development, FP&A, or students working towards a career in these areas.


Online Applied Machine Learning Algorithms Course by Cfi


Machine Learning for Finance Program

This Applied Machine Learning Algorithms course is the second of two courses in the Machine Learning for Finance program provided by CFI and Machine Learning Edge. This program will teach you how to use machine learning to solve real-world problems in finance and investing. The projects you’ll complete are modeled after real, patented algorithms that are being used today to advise Fortune 500 companies on investment banking and capital market decisions.


Online Applied Machine Learning Algorithms Course by Cfi


What You'll Learn:

  • Data Cleaning and Exploration

  • Regression Algorithms

  • Liquidity Regressor

  • Classification Algorithms

  • Investor Classifier I

  • Investor Classifier II

  • Qualified Assessment


Online Applied Machine Learning Algorithms Course by Cfi


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