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Arabic classes are offered by San Jose Learning Center. Our goal will be to equip the students with linguistic tools enabling them to expand their knowledge of Arabic after this course.

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Arabic classes are designed for students who have never studied the language before, or who would like a very thorough review of the basics. 

This course introduces the Arabic language and the culture of its speakers. Since the focus will be on basic communication skills.

The class will mostly be conducted in Modern Standard Arabic. Students will learn basic elements of the Arabic language that will enable them to function in everyday contexts where Arabic is a medium of communication.

Our goal will be to equip the students with linguistic tools enabling them to expand their knowledge of Arabic after this course.

By the end of this level, successful students will be able to:

  • Read and pronounce the sounds of Arabic and write its letters 

  • Exchange greetings and salutations and identify themselves 

  • Recognize and use numbers 

  • Describe objects 

  • Use gender and number agreement at the beginning level 

  • Read Arabic texts at the beginning level 

  • Understand and produce the basic sentence structure of Arabic 

  • Use an Arabic/English dictionary 

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Arabic culture and its values  

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    3170 De La Cruz Blvd, Suite 129 Santa Clara, CA 95054, San Jose

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