Cooking Class (Traditional Vietnamese Cuisine, Chicken Pho)

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In this class I’ll guide you through each 7 simple steps, you’ll learn to cook chicken pho using the most authentic recipe, how we know it best from its origin.



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Online Cooking Class: Traditional Vietnamese cuisine, Chicken pho (Ph? gà) course by Skillshare


In this 26 minutes online class, you're going to learn and cook a famous Vietnamese dish: 

Chicken Pho in Vietnamese is Ph? Gà. To help you pronounce “ph?” correctly, you can memorize: “fuh”. This dish is originated from the Northern of Vietnam, however it is very famous all around the country.

It is being cooked in various ways where people use many different ingredients and methods in the three main regions (North, Center and South) therefore the final taste and how we serve this dish also changes accordingly.

In this class I’ll guide you through each 7 simple steps, you’ll learn to cook chicken pho using the most authentic recipe, how we know it best from its origin.

It’s not only a traditional dish, it’s also among the most popular, healthy and delicious dishes of our Vietnamese cuisine which is a combination of tasty chicken meat in flavourful broth that being slow cooked with aromatic herbs and vegetables.

Together with a twist of fresh jasmine rice noodle and other chopped fine tropical vegetables (included shallots, green onion, corianders, and lime leaves).

The best way is to serve while it’s hot with black pepper, hot chilli sauce or fresh chilly slices (optional) and garlic vinegar or fresh lime juice.

It’s often being served for breakfast in Vietnam from the most crowded street-food restaurants to high-end dining, but you can enjoy it anytime of the day in any season. I am so happy you’re here!

I cannot wait to share with you our traditional way of cooking this lovely soul food, with many tips and tricks to improve your cooking skills especially when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine. When you are ready, let’s get it started and I'll see you in our class!

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  • Hi everyone, I'm Luna Nguyen. I am a self taught artist, art teacher and cooking instructor. I'm in love with what I do, and that is creating handmade art/ crafts, cooking and writing. I'm passionate about teaching, sharing the creativity knowledge and cooking experience which I've learned and developed over time. Six years ago, I went through a big depression, it was when I asked myself many questions: What can I do to make my life better? What do I like to do, even without being paid? What am I good at? And from asking the right questions, I found the right answers. I remember as a kid, I always spent lots of time in drawing, painting and writing. That also was the moment I started to paint again. Soon after, most my paintings were exhibited and sold in many different art galleries and exhibitions, from Asia, to the Middle East, and further to Europe, as well as the USA. Since 2017, I've been teaching Silk painting, Fabric painting, Batik Art and other art/ handmade classes included Jewellery making, Embroidery and Silver-clay art, as well as Vietnamese traditional cooking classes - in persons, and online via Zoom or Skype - from individuals to all different size of groups internationally. I teach in company events, school art departments, art centers, team buildings for corporations. Some of my clients are included Chanel, Gulf Business Training Center, Online Training Platform Skilldeer, Art Universities, and other Art centres in The Netherlands, Sweden and now giving my online workshops globally. My life has changed forever, from being depressed to being the best version of myself, doing what I really love. My Art journey allowed me to inspire and help my students in learning the knowledge that they've always wanted to learn, the painting outcomes that they want to achieve, a new technique that they didn't see any where else, a new cooking recipe and then finally is to find the purpose and courage to actually start doing it whether having a new hobby or starting a new business. I've empowered hundreds of participants to find their new painting techniques, to improve their skills, to create their handmade crafts and home decor items, to be able to create their own fashion line, to make their own collection of hand painted silk scarves, or to bring their fabric paintings to the next level with embroidery and a new way of contemporary approach. Moreover, what ultimately makes me truly happy is when people discovering their hidden talent, finding their passion, when they see the great creativeness and the ability to excelerate which they didn't know are existed - within themselves - always. Because of that motivation and the love for people, in the last six years I've been consistently learning and developing my knowledge and dedicated myself to do just that: Learn, teach, help and inspire then repeat. If you are excited and ready to learn a new painting skill, specific in silk, cotton and other fabrics painting, a new way of traditional cooking, to awaken the giant within you through a beautiful way with Art, to be the best version of yourself and to do what you love, I am ready to help!
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