Reinforced Concrete IV: Design of Columns

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Civil Engineering : How to Design Reinforced Concrete Columns: Derivations and Calculations



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Online Reinforced Concrete IV: Design of Columns Course by Udemy



 Make sure you know Reinforced Concrete Theory and How to design Reinforced Concrete beams before taking this course. 


About the course: 

In the previous courses, you have been introduced to the philosophy of  Reinforced Concrete Design, Design of Beams, and Design of Slabs. This course 'Design of Reinforced Concrete  Column' gives you detailed understanding, explanations and procedures for  the design of RC Columns.


What to expect from this course:

After completion of this course, you are expected to be able to Design RC Short Columns without Eccentricity, Understand Interaction Diagrams, Practicality Considerations, and Mathematical Derivations of Formulas in the Design.

Students completing the course will have full understanding of the  design of RC Column. Assignment is given at the end.


Who this course is for:

  • Civil Engineers & Civil Engineering Students
  • Architects & Architectural Students
  • Draftsmen


What you'll learn:

  • Be able to design short RC Column

  • Understand the philosophy of RC Column Design

  • Know the restrictions and different alternatives of Columns Design

  • Understand the Interaction Diagrams

  • Know the Derivations of Formulas in the Design



  • Reinforced Concrete Design Basics & Essentials (Check my other courses)

  • Basic Knowledge of Mechanics of Materials

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  • Hamid
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  • Hamid ElDarwich - Ph.D. 25', M.A. - Princeton University - 4.0 Instructor Rating - 1,471 Reviews - 15,517 Students - 18 Courses
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