The World of Japanese Tea: Learn, Brew and Taste Japan

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Let's discover the world of Japanese tea!



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Online The World of Japanese Tea ? & ? : Learn, Brew and Taste Japan Course by Skillshare


About this class:

Tea is something that not only relieves your thirst, but allows you to relax or connect with others in a peaceful way. In this hectic society that we live in, it is very important to make even a few minutes that allow you to momentarily pause and empty your mind.

Having tea time enables you to do this by concentrating on just one thing; making a cup of tea. This thought-like meditation is related to Japanese ZEN thoughts.

Why don’t you introduce something new to your daily life and drink Japanese tea?

By the way, when it comes to “Japanese tea”, what do you know about it?

Matcha? Green tea? Yes, matcha is Japanese tea, and we drink green tea more than black tea.

We have many kinds of Japanese tea other than matcha. Nowadays matcha is getting very popular as a flavor for snacks or a healthy beverage. However, few Japanese people actually drink matcha in their daily lives. What we normally drink is “Sencha” or “Hojicha”.

Also, tea is not just for pleasure but it’s good for you. Tea was originally medicine in China. for centuries, many scientists around the world have been researching and examining tea leaves to prove various health benefits and its potential power.

Moreover, tea is not just to drink, you can eat, you can cook with it, or it can make your life more efficient depending on how you utilize in your daily life.

Let's discover the world of Japanese tea!

Comachi is a certified Japanese tea instructor and can give you not only all the basic knowledges and cultures but also the latest information about Japanese tea directly from Japan.

This course consists of 2 courses including two class projects,  The World of  Japanese Tea'.


Online The World of Japanese Tea: Learn, Brew and Taste Japan Course by Skillshare


In this first course, you can learn:

  • What Japanese tea is
  • Differences of several types of Japanese tea
  • Basic health benefits
  • How to take the nutrients ineffectively

After the mid-term project, part ?, the second course (which I'm currently working on) starts.


You can learn:

  • Japanese traditional tea utensils and the names in Japanese
  • Water to use for  Japanese tea
  • Basic brewing methods for each different types of Japanese tea
  • Important tips and a theory on how to make a delicious cup of Japanese tea
  • Japanese tea culture and terminology


This course requires no experience or skills, but a bit of curiosity towards the world of Japanese tea.

As for the first-class project, you do not need to buy  Japanese tea, so don't worry. I am planning to introduce some online teashops as well. I hope this course will be an opportunity to change your life in a happier and healthier way with the power of Japanese tea.

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  • Comachi
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  • Hello, I am Comachi from Kyoto, Japan. Nihoncha means "Japanese tea" in Japanese. Do you like Japanese tea? When it comes to Japanese tea, you may have heard "matcha'. Do you like matcha? It is getting very popular not only in Japan but all over the world and more and more cafes or restaurants offers matcha-something like matcha latte, matcha ice cream, matcha cake...etc. On the other hand, it seems like many people misunderstand Japanese tea is only about matcha or matcha is not even tea but a flavor. However, matcha is a premium tea in Japan and few Japanese people drink in their daily lives. Then what do they drink? Have you heard of Sencha or Hojicha, or Genmaicha? These are just a few examples of many various Japanese tea types we drink. They are brewed tea like black tea while matcha is powdered tea. Some tea enthusiasts might already know them. Here I am to teach you more about Japanese tea and help both tea enthusiasts and beginners enjoy Japanese tea in various ways. If you are interested in Japanese tea or Japanese language, or its culture, this is a course for you!
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