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Online Time Management 101 Course with Mike Vardy


Becoming more productive doesn’t have to be difficult. In this course, Mike Vardy lays out simple strategies and tools that will allow you to tackle work and life more effectively.

Mike will help you discover your optimal working style, and guide you through matching your style to the methods that will best increase your efficiency. You’ll explore the relationship between time and productivity and learn how to make the most of every day — not just work days.

You’ll learn about identifying core tasks and action items and building a workflow that ensures the most important tasks get done on time. You’ll also work toward eliminating (or even ignoring) distractions, delegating tasks, and setting priorities.

Mike will also cover email management, productivity apps, coping with schedule disruptions, and more. You’ll leave this course with simple, concrete processes toward becoming less overwhelmed, more productive, and more efficient.

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