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Ultimate Chinese Course Bundle

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All Courses from HSK 1 to 6 – Zero to Fluency

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62 Hours

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Online Ultimate Chinese Course Bundle Course by Teachable


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With this course bundle, you're set with the essential tools to learn Chinese from absolute beginner to full mastery and fluency. Seriously, no joke.


About this course:

With this bundle, you will own all HSK courses from Chinese Zero to Hero. Once you purchase this bundle, you're set with the essential tools to learn Chinese from absolute beginner to full mastery. Seriously, no joke.

‍Our course follows the HSK curriculum using the “HSK Standard Course by Jiang Liping”.

What's in this bundle?

Each video is about 5-20 minutes long.

Online Ultimate Chinese Course Bundle Course by Teachable

  • By purchasing the Ultimate Bundle, each video costs just about 20 cents.



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  • Teacher's Name
  • Jon Long & Ken Dai
  • Teacher's Experience
  • We are a team of instructors dedicated to provide the highest quality of online Mandarin Chinese learning experience. Jon is from Xi'an and Ken is from Shenzhen. Our aim is to release a series of courses that take novice learners to an advanced level and reach fluency as an ultimate goal.
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