Warehouse & Distribution Management

by PSM College

The course provides a detailed overview of the complete supply chain management process. Instruction is highly participative, with the emphasis on case studies and group work.

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4 Days

Course Details

Course Contents:

  • A comprehensive learning programme to enhance the skills of prospective storekeepers, warehouse personnel and logistics managers. The course provides a detailed overview of the complete supply chain management process.

  • Instruction is highly participative, with the emphasis on case studies and group work.

  • Our Training Facilitators are experienced senior managers within the supply chain profession.



  • 4 days full-time (weekdays) or 12 weeks part-time (Saturday mornings) or 2-12 months by correspondence. The average learner will need approximately 145 hours consisting of 48 hours of tuition and 96 hours for readings and assignments, to successfully complete the programme,



  • 12 written assignments (one following the completion of each learning module) and 1 final written examination or job-related report.



  • This programme is a short course aligned with the  latest  industry standards and protocols. Successful learners will be issued a PSM College Certificate.


Course Objectives

  • Acquire the knowledge and tools of new warehousing and distribution management techniques.

  • Emphasize the importance of professional warehouse and distribution management.

  • Illustrate the importance of warehouse and distribution management in the organization.


Course Content

  • Introduction To Physical Distribution: Interfaces & environment; functional areas; systems design & measurement; decision making; organization and administrative costing; components of physical distribution systems; effect on marketing.

  • Customer Service & Transport Operations: Customer service mix; purchasing objectives; forecasting; management focus; transport economics; transport alternatives; urbanization; deregulation; distribution tactics and strategies.

  • Distribution Packaging & Cost Analysis: Movement and storage; integrated logistics; transport economics; cost of physical distribution; budget objectives;fixed, flexible, zero-level and capital budgeting.

  • Organisation & Management Of Supply Chain: Organization structures; new management style; systems approach; co-ordination of PDM process; external factors; internal trends; use of computers; scheduling; opportunities for cost reduction; optional use of resources.

  • Analysis And Decision Making: Principles of decision making; logical thinking process; operational decision making; decision criteria; Hurwicz.

  • Distribution Requirements Planning: What is DRP; analysis and benefits of DRP; inventory policy and management; warehouse functions; storage alternatives; warehouse location patterns; warehouse justification.

  • Objectives & Types Of Warehousing: Warehousing -A part of materials management; purpose and objectives of warehousing; warehousing imports; causes and costs of delay; shipment, specification, packaging, documentation; warehousing at seaports and at airports.

  • Functions Of Warehousing: Identifying, inspecting & receiving goods; storing goods; storage control; handling goods; order selection and issue; packaging & dispatch; damaged & obsolete goods; storing hazardous goods; maintaining equipment.

  • Planning, Building & Design Of Warehouses: Planning a new warehouse; storage needs; storage costs; feasibility study; inventory value; location; designing warehouse layout; flow of materials; stockyard layout; loading/unloading docks; designing the building.

  • Warehouse Costs And Economics: Land and site costs; design costs; building costs; costs of fixed storage facilities; economics of warehouse operation; fixed and variable costs; stockholding costs; monitoring the use of warehouse space.

  • Warehouse Management: Administrative responsibilities; controlling stock; warehousing documents, records & reports; stocktaking; audits; warehouse operations or storage manual; managing warehouse personnel; manpower requirements; performance evaluation; staff training & development.

  • Case Studies: Physical distribution/supply chain management; warehousing management; location and design of a warehouse

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