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Read Afrikaans Excellently with Phonics

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Online Wow Afrikaans is Easy! course by Udemy


If you are struggling to read Afrikaans or want to learn the right way, this course is for you!  This is the perfect place to start your Afrikaans journey.

If you can sound out a word, you can learn the word and build your language knowledge from there. Sadly, most schools don't teach reading Afrikaans with phonics and this is a fundamental reason why children become demotivated with the language. It's like building a house with no foundation.

I am so excited to, through this course, help children and adults build a good foundation to learn this beautiful descriptive language - Afrikaans.


Who this course is for:

  • Junior primary school learners or any beginner in reading Afrikaans.

  • This course is created for English as well as Afrikaans speaking learners or adults.

  • Anyone struggling to read Afrikaans


What you'll learn

  • Learn to read Afrikaans from scratch. You will learn all the Afrikaans sounds so you can read any word.

  • Because you are learning the correct way - with phonics, you will become confident and fluent, no matter the difficulty level of the content you are reading.

  • Throughout the course, you will always understand what you are reading because every word is translated for you.

  • Learn vocabulary and get a feel for basic sentence structures.

  • Understand and practice correct pronunciation of words and sentences.

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  • Richelle Pretorius
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  • Richelle Pretorius - Teaching English students to read Afrikaans - 4.9 Instructor Rating - 7 Reviews - 16 Students - 1 Course
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