Lebanese cooking class in India are gaining popularity as “Lebanese cuisine is now a part of popular culture and has found easy acceptance in India,” says Manish Malhan of three stories, a resto-bar that serves full-on Lebanese mezze platters.


The cuisine is recognized by the Indian consumers as it is not too hot or not too bland. The cuisine is very similar to the Indian spice palette.


The invaders who conquered India have influenced the Indian cooking techniques. For example, The saffron rose essence and cinnamon which is part of Indian cuisine has originated from Lebanese and Syrian Food. 


The way Pita bread is made is very close to our rotis which indicates the Lebanese connection with India.


Who provides Lebanese cooking classes in India?


The various institutes that offer Lebanese cooking classes in India are:


1. Rhythms Kitchen, New Delhi

2. Manju Monga's Cookery Classes, New Delhi

3. Nita Mehta Cookery Classes, New Delhi

4. Mahek’s Cooking class, Mumbai

5. The Kitchen Workshop, Gurgaon

6. Manju Cooking and Baking Class, Bangalore

7. Tasty Secret, Mumbai


What is the cost of Lebanese cooking classes in  India?


The Below mentioned institutes provide Lebanese cooking classes in India. Many other Institutes provide the price on request.  




Rhythms Kitchen


Manju Monga's Cookery Classes


Nita Mehta Cookery Classes


Manju Cooking and Baking Class



What is the average duration of Lebanese cooking classes in India?


The Duration of the Lebanese cooking classes in India is generally conducted for one or two days. The timing for the workshop is generally between 4-6 hrs.


Why learn Lebanese cuisine in India?


The following factors play a significant role in why one should learn Lebanese cooking classes in India, 


  • The brand setting of global brands that set their outlets in India has positioned themselves in a way to promote health-conscious food. Hence Lebanese cuisine is helping them achieve the same as it is a very healthy type of cuisine.


  • The Freshness of the ingredients and simplicity in creation has helped Lebanese cuisine become the most sought after.


  • People are now interested in experimenting with global menus and are open to trying new recipes.


  • Lebanese food is generally in the fast-food category as it is easy to prepare and is a grab and go in nature.


The above-mentioned reasons are the primary reason for global markets to capture the Indian market. This, as a result, provides various ways of job and entrepreneurial opportunities.


What will I learn by taking Lebanese cooking classes in India?


The recipes that Lebanese cooking classes in India are as following teach are as follows:


  • Hummus
  • Moutabel
  • Fattoush salad
  • Vermicelli Rice
  • Falafel
  • Pita bread
  • Garlic Toum
  • Moussaka
  • Baba Ghanoush
  • Kabsa
  • Tabbouleh
  • Lebanese Roll


What jobs can I get as a Lebanese cuisine chef in India?


Upon completing the Lebanese cooking classes in India  the following job opportunities are available, 


  • Sous Chef
  • Banquet Chef
  • Food Production Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Private Club and Resort Chef
  • Institutional Food Service.
  • Teacher of Lebanese cuisine
  • Executive Chef

16 course(s) offered by institutes in India
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Cook N Style Logo

Lebanese Cooking

Lebanese Cooking course is offered by Cook N Style for all skill level. Cookery classes & short-term courses are conducted from time to time, from April to September every year. 

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Swad Cooking Institute Logo

Lebanese Cuisine

Lebanese cuisine is among the healthiest food in the world because of their ingredients and the way they cook their food. Adding this to your menu can only be useful and nothing else! Learn making 10+ Recipes in this Lebanese Cuisine class.

by Swad Cooking Institute
  • Price
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Nira's Cuisine Logo

Lebanese Cooking

Lebanese Cooking class is offered by Nira's Cuisine. Learn those small techniques and tips applied by the great chefs and get the same taste at your fingertips. Mingle yourself to get your cooking talent to get even better.

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Cook It Up Cooking Classes Logo

Lebanese Cooking

Learn delightfully delicious and healthy Lebanese cuisine.

Cheapest by Cook It Up Cooking Classes

UTM delight Cake Craft Baking Class N Home Bakery Logo

Lebanese Sizzler

The weekend workshops are aimed at giving you a break from your monotonous routine and indulge in preparing and savoring delicious treats.

by UTM delight Cake Craft Baking Class N Home Bakery [ Claim Listing ]
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Khushboo Cooking Class Logo


Lebanese Cooking Classes are offered by Khushboo Cooking. 

by Khushboo Cooking Class [ Claim Listing ]
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  • Location
Rupalis Cookery Classes Logo

Lebanese Mezze Platter

An assorted platter of snacks, dips, salads and breads, the main-stay of Lebanese cuisine. What better opportunity for a relaxing meal with friends.

by Rupalis Cookery Classes [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
  • Location
Manju Monga's Cookery Classes Logo

Lebanese Food

Lebanese Food Classes are offered by Manju Monga's for all ages and skill levels. We offer demonstrative cookery classes in small batches to give individualised attention - all this & more especially for you.

Cheapest by Manju Monga's Cookery Classes
Chef's Studio Logo

Lebanese Food

The craze for Continental Food has increased tremendously during recent times. We offer our students a distinguished variety of courses in International cuisine. From Chinese to Lebanese, Italian to Mexican, French to Thai.. we have it all for you.

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Sumeru Creations Logo

Lebanese Cooking

Lebanese Cooking Course is Offered by Sumeru Creations.

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