It is a great time to learn Arabic in India. The Times of India reported in July 2019 that Arabic topped all the foreign language courses at Delhi University (DU). This is primarily because of two reasons - the rise of medical tourism in India from Arab countries and the wealth of jobs that gulf nations offer.


Seeing the dominance of the Arabic language in the curriculum, it can be inferred that the significance of Arabic courses in India is only going to increase. 


Here is an overview of Arabic courses in India along with the universities offering them, course duration, and cost:


Type of course




B.A (Hons) Arabic

Zakir Hussain College, Delhi University

INR 27000

3 Years

B.A (Prog) Arabic

Zakir Hussain College, Delhi University

INR 27000

3 Years

Certificate course

St. Stephens College, Delhi University

INR 7000

6 months

M.A in Arabic

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi University, Osmania University, and others

INR 40000 - 1 Lac

2 Years



Why should you learn Arabic course in India?


Spoken in over 20 countries, Arabic is one of the most important trade languages in the world. In India, the popularity of Arabic is swiftly gaining traction with universities offering diverse courses to satiate the ever-increasing demand for the language. This is why India proves to be a dynamic destination for pursuing Arabic courses.  


Moreover, learning the Arabic language opens up a plethora of employment avenues and possibilities in different industries such as oil and gas, travel, finance, industrial collaborations, and translation.


What is the cost of Arabic courses in India?


 Depending on the type of course and university, Arabic courses cost INR 27000 at Delhi University. However, as per statistics, Bachelor’s degree in Arabic costs between INR 2000 - 8000.


 The Master’s program costs somewhere between INR 40000 - 1 Lac depending on the university.    


What is the average duration of the Arabic course in India?


The average duration of taking up Arabic course in India is described below:


Type of course

Average duration

Undergraduate course

3 years

Postgraduate course

2 years

Diploma or certificate course

1 year


What are the most famous Arabic Language institutes in India?


Though there are 50+ universities providing Arabic language courses, some of the most famous institutes providing Arabic courses in India are:


1. JNU, New Delhi

2. University of Delhi, New Delhi

3. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

4. Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi

5. Calcutta University, Kolkata

6. Mumbai University, Mumbai

7. Calicut University, Calicut

8. Bangalore University, Bangalore

9. University of Lucknow, Lucknow


What will I learn from Arabic courses in India?


By pursuing an Arabic course in India, students can learn the following :


  •  Develop excellent Arabic communication skills with emphasis on words and phrases that are part of workaday life
  •  Get acquainted with the grammar rules to get more insight into the intricacies of the language
  • Learn about the cultural and religious aspect of Arabic
  • Improving business communication to carry out trade in the Gulf nations  


What jobs I can get after taking the Arabic course in India?


Employment areas for candidates taking up Arabic course in India:


  • Colleges and universities
  • Language department
  • Translation offices
  • Embassies
  • Passport offices
  • UPSC (IFS)
  • Call centres


Types of jobs after taking up Arabic course in India:


  • Arabic Entry
  • Arabic Data Entry Clerk
  • Arabic Translator
  • Language Analyst
  • Arabic Tutor
  • Content analyst
  • Language analyst

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Institute of Universal Languages & Education Logo

Arabic Language

IULE brings to you the best of Arabic language coaching classes

Cheapest Institute by Institute of Universal Languages & Education [ Claim Listing ]
IITT Language Academy Logo

Arabic Language

The course in Arabic language is divided into three main parts. In the elementary level,basic concepts of the language will be taught. Students will learn the methods of reading and writing Arabic script and will get a fair idea of the vocabulary related to the environment.

Institute by IITT Language Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Bright Training Center Logo


Our language classes are structured to provide a well-rounded learning experience, covering all major aspects of a language, including pronunciation, oral comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing.

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Speakeng India Logo

Arabic Language Course

Arabic Language Course is Offered by Speakeng India.

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Stanford Language Institute Logo

Arabic Language

Arabic Language Course is Offered by Stanford Language Institute.

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Langma School of Languages Logo


We offer Arabic language courses to develop your language skills and make you confident in the language.

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Language Fluent Logo


At Language Fluent you can learn Arabic online from anywhere. Our curriculum begins from the most basic lessons and no prior knowledge of Arabic is necessary except interest and passion for learning the language.

Cheapest Institute by Language Fluent [ Claim Listing ]

British School of Languages Logo

Arabic Language School (Level 1)

The Arabic instructions with BSL function each language and lifestyle training, which capability as you are getting to know the pillars of the language, you will additionally be gaining knowledge of how to use the language in real-world situations.

Cheapest Institute by British School of Languages [ Claim Listing ]
Lingua Franca Logo


Lingua Franca conducts Arabic language course, for adults and young learners, individuals and corporate clients.

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Way to Success Logo


Arabic Language course is offered by Way to Success for all ages. Highly qualified and experienced faculties help to impart knowledge in the learners. Experience the true learning with WtS.

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